When you're a kid, birthdays come and go pretty quickly. But when you're an adult, you do not have to live with the limitations birthdays had when you were in your youth.

No sir! You can make up your own rules about how your birthday goes. For example, you can shelve the idea of ​​having just a birthday party between the hours of such and such and so and so. Instead, you can have a day-long birthday party that starts when you wake up and does not end until the stroke of midnight.

That means taking your birthday on the road, so to speak. If your birthday falls on a workday, you'll have to figure out a way to celebrate throughout the day. That could mean a cupcake every hour (candle optional), a special outfit you bought just for the occasion or the delivery of a bouquet of fresh flowers (yes, you can send them to yourself – it's your birthday so there are no rules).

After work, you can tie one on with coworkers at a local restaurant. Go somewhere fun, like TGI Fridays, Hooters or a place that serves really decadent drinks or ice cream concoctions.

When your coworkers inevitably head home, it's time to go out with friends or enjoy a dinner with family. Again, you decide how the day goes.

While we're at it, why just a day? Increasingly, people are beginning to celebrate their birth with an entire week of fun things to do. No surprising, since you only turn the age you're turning once. Each birthday is special – seems a shame to have just a single day to pack all the celebration into.

Setting aside an entire week to celebrate your birthday can be a tricky undertaking. First, you have to be careful not to infringe on anyone else's birthday. If your son, daughter or significant other's birthday is near yours, you may have to scale back some.

The same is true if your birthday falls on one of the holiday biggies. If your birthday happens to be around Christmas or Thanksgiving, you may have to make a few adjustments to the schedule. You never want to come across as narcissistic.

One of the best parts of committing an entire week to celebrating your birthday is that you can pace yourself. You do not have to party your brains out on just one day and suffer through the aftermath for the next two. You can indulge yourself a little at a time. Plus, you'll have enough time to take up all those offers to take you out to dinner, lunch or out on the town for your birthday. Instead of turning down all but a few, you can pull up your calendar and say, "Sure, I have Friday open … what time?"

Source by Barry Mcgee

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