As almost everyone knows, there are 12 signs in the zodiac and each one has very specific characteristics that manifest themselves in anyone who is born under that sign. Some people think this to be unlikely, but when you examine the science behind astrology and then examine the ‘Accepted’ knowledge that the Moon (a tiny celestial body in comparison to the stars and planets) can exert an influence over the Earth, both physically and psychologically, then accepting such planetary and celestial influences becomes more plausible. Also, it would be a fallacy to assume that the characteristics of a particular star sign, apply to all individuals governed by that sign. To do so would be to work under the erroneous assumption that it is the stars define who we are, rather than simply influence who we are.

Given below is a rough, general guide to the characters in the zodiac and how those celestial influences can effectively shape who you are.

ARIES – The Ram. (Fire Sign)

This is the first sign of the zodiac and as such is the sign of spring – a sign that is full of impulsive energy and vitality. People born under the sign of Aries tend to be individuals who can take the initiative, sometimes impulsively and this can lead to mistakes. Arians are people who are doers, rather than talkers and often can be found in positions of leadership, they can also, however be rather naïve and trusting and this can lead them into dramatic circumstances too. They can be seen as aggressive, rude and blunt but they are also optimistic, trusting and requiring of assurance and love.

TAURUS – The Bull (Earth Sign)

The phrase ‘Like a Bull in a China Shop’ could not be further from the truth when describing the sign of Taurus. People born under this zodiac sign tend to be thoughtful, artistic souls that can live well as truly independent individuals. They are not people who cannot, or choose not to socialise, but they can be prone to doing it on their own terms, making friendships and fostering important relationships, but doing so in a way that they can remain curiously detached. Taureans love a secure life, one that has little danger and one that doesn’t involve much change. While it is true that people born under Taurus very seldom lose control, it is also true that on the very rare occasions that they do, the results can be spectacular and surprisingly passionate. Possibly the most level and patient sign in the zodiac, they can be seen as aloof, but this is not really the case.

GEMINI – The Twins (Air Sign)

There is an unmistakable air of duality surrounding people born under the sign of Gemini, they have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences and this intense sense of curiosity means that they can sometimes be seen as the least settled of the star signs. However, this curiosity can sometimes mean that they can tend to give up on things before they reach their logical conclusions. They can become distracted by a new opportunity that catches their eye or attention and their need to learn and experience new things can lead to impatience. It could be said that they like a little knowledge of everything that life has to offer, rather than complete knowledge about few things. However, they can also be quite pessimistic and withdrawn at times, which seems completely at odds with who they usually are. This is just another example of the duality of the Gemini sign.

CANCER – The Crab (Water Sign)

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this could be said to be why Cancerians are a little bit like a roller coaster, melancholic one moment and full of the joys of being alive the next. People born under the sign of Cancer are by turns conservative then fanciful, compassionate and caring, then harsh and insulting. They have a need for luxury and love. Cancerians do seem to outsiders, to be hard and brittle, but to those who know them, they can be soft and sensitive (so much so that it is difficult to hate someone born under this sign).

LEO – The Lion (Fire Sign)

People born under the sign of Leo are people who live to love. They are passionate, fiercely loyal and devoted to their loved ones. Leonians or Leos are by nature charismatic, independent, passionate, generous authoritarians. They are very attractive personalities and tend to weather most storms with style and humour, everyone loves a Leo, but this in itself can lead to a tendency to be a little bit of overbearing pride and often with Leonians, some humility would not go amiss! They are, as mentioned above, devoted lovers however, if they are betrayed then they will never fully let go or forgive the person who betrayed them. On the other hand, when they decide to end a relationship, sometimes unexpectedly, they can effectively remove their ex partner from their lives and move on.

VIRGO – The Virgin (Earth Sign)

People born under the sign of Virgo are kind hearted nurturing people who can, if they are not careful, become embroiled with people who try to take advantage of their spiritual generosity. However, they are generally optimists and retain a faith in human nature no matter what life has thrown at them and this makes Virgoans very appealing as people. They also veer towards the creative and sensitive aspects of life, but while being creative they can be shy and often allow others to be the centre of attention, content to create without being seen to create. They can be insecure and appreciative of compliments and attention, as long as it is not showy and dramatic

LIBRA – The Scales (Air Sign)

Librans appreciate beauty and grace, but despise vulgarity and conflict, they are generally balanced, orderly, adaptable and above all, sensitive. If someone attacks a Libran emotionally, it can and does hurt them deeper than any other sign. People born under the sign of Libra can live a life where they constantly strive to attain what could be seen as the unattainable, in constant search for an ideal – a holy grail. In fact, if they do find something that fits that description, they can sometimes build up an unrealistic expectation that degrades their own integrity, as they try to maintain the dream.

SCORPIO – The Scorpion (Water Sign)

Scorpios are perhaps the most complex of all the zodiac signs, they seemingly possess many negative qualities – an authoritarian nature, jealousy and possessiveness, they are intuitive and sometimes use that to find out and exploit others weaknesses. They can be cold, polemic introverts and this often masks the inherent goodness that they also possess. Scorpios can be strong and nurturing, often coming to others aid when no-one else will. They are brave characters that are full of self belief and determination at heart and are loyal to those they love.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually extremely up beat and positive souls – they are sincere, faithful, outgoing and trusting, they positively remain optimistic about the future and this, generally happy nature means that they are people who will remain convinced that everything will be okay when all around them are dejected. However, their exuberance and joie de vivre can be quite frustrating for those around them, as they seemingly cannot settle down or remain in one place for too long (even if they do not physically move, they still possess a wander lust that can affect many aspects of their lives). Sagittarians may well be the most positive of all the signs and when they meet people who understand them and their needs, they can be generous and fun-loving friends and partners.


People born under Capricorn can, if they set their mind to it, become one of life’s top dogs. They can achieve anything that they set their minds to. They have resolute ambition and sometimes that can make them seem cold as they focus on attaining their goals. They have a meticulous, logical mind that can map out a plan that will get them where they want to be and that can be at the cost of a balanced life. It is important for Capricornians to find a lifestyle that allows them to achieve what they want in work, but not ignore the fun aspects of life. If they are careless with this aspect then they can and often do, end up in a life where professional success ends up replacing emotional fulfillment. In love, as much in work, they have ambitions of attaining a highly successful, long lasting relationship.

AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer (Air Sign)

People born under this sign can be seen as being quiet, withdrawn, nervous individuals who can be prone to levelling high expectations of others and if those expectations are not met an Aquarian can hold a grudge almost like no other. They very much live life to their own needs and sometimes that can make them seem out of step with society, however Aquarians don’t care, as all they want is to meet their own expectations of themselves. They are also an intellectual breed of people, they have minds that never seem to stop thinking productively, this does not stop them from being altruistic and humanitarian to a high level though. They are prone to moments of genius and moments of madness when an idea hits them, but when it comes to others they can also be impartial and fair (unless the person has let them down). Aquarians, above all, love to have an ideal that they can believe in.

PISCES – The Fish (Water Sign)

Pisces are patient, enigmatic, attractive, talented people by nature. It is fair to say that they are not by nature leaders, but they are fantastic team players, they love to achieve a goal, but are not too keen on organising the method with which the goal will be attained. Perhaps the best example of the Piscean nature is the symbol associated with the sign – two fish, both pulling in different directions (one up and one downwards). Many people born under Pisces find this inner turmoil appearing throughout their lives, an indecision about which path to take, which direction to go in. This is perhaps the sign in the zodiac with most duality surrounding it, light and dark, saint and sinner – these are words that sum up the Piscean nature. They can often find themselves living more in an inner fantasy than acting out reality, as they can seldom really decide which path to take.

Of course, the above explanations only scratch at a very large surface, these are characteristics that might be inherent within people born under any given star sign, but this does not mean that is all they are in life. According to astrology, there are many different factors involved that create a more rounded personality, the zodiac is just a starting point. Human beings are layered creatures and sometimes knowledge of your character type can serve to help you make the right decisions. The interpretations of the characteristics associated with each zodiac sign are just a guide to what opportunities will be presented to you at any given time, how you react to them is entirely a matter for each individual to decide.

Source by Vishaal G

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