Before you go on to select the type of your birthday flowers or wedding flowers there is one thing you should keep in mind, there is no wrong or right type when you make your pick of flowers for both the occasions. All you have to keep in mind is the overall layout and consider the ones that go best with the overall scheme. For instance in cases of the bridal bouquet do consider the color of the brides dress and that of the accompaniment bridesmaids. Here are a few options that might help you in making the choice a little less overwhelming.

  • Peonies

Peonies are a great option when it comes to wedding bouquets; pink peonies go with the most used bridal dress colors of white and pink. Pink being feminine in nature does justice to the occasion such as weddings. In addition to weddings, they are the perfect pick for birthdays of young girls and women. Blooming through April-June, and offering a second bloom in November and December that they ideal for weddings scheduled around these times. You do not have limit your imagination to pink when it comes to peonies as they come in a wide spectrum of pink, shocking pink, white, very light purple, and whitish yellow shades.

  • Orchids

Orchids come in a variety of color such as pink, white, purple, and reddish. Depicting beauty and purity white orchids could be just what you would want as your wedding flowers. Rising to the occasion, these gorgeous flowers give a symbolic completion to the white wedding dress. If you are thinking about an all white layout, do not look further white orchids are your best option. Orchids are easily available during almost 3 quarters of the year, March through November being their blooming time.

  • Calla lilies

Another great option for wedding flowers and birthday flowers Call Lilies are available the whole year round excluding the months of August and September. Although they come in various hues of colors such as white purple, pure white, pure purple, deep purple, fiery yellow, and pink, the mix of white and purple is simply awesome. However, you can use different combinations for different occasions.

  • Roses

The all time favorite and ever available roses are the number one choice of most people. In addition to their all season availability, the vivid color ranges they offer make them a hot favorite for all occasions. Red being the basic they also come in hues of pink, yellow, white, and red. Of course the Blue Rose a rare, breed. The only time these flowers go extinct is at the Valentine's Day.

Source by Johnson Emanuel

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