Are you planning a birthday or wedding celebration at the moment? Even though you are not a baker or a connoisseur, you would know that cake topper ideas are essentials which must never be forgotten. This is because these decors situated on the topmost layer of icing complete the cake suitable for the occasion celebrated.

When it comes to weddings, the design could either be contemporary or traditional. In fact, there are times when funny decors are also used depending on the preference of the couple. Traditional wedding celebrations usually come with a set of customary décors which resemble images of love or long life together. Examples of these are kissing doves or intertwined hearts. A crown of fresh flowers makes one of the best custom cake toppers. These flowers are usually similar to those which make up the bride’s bouquet. Couples who want simplicity and elegance, the initials of their first names or last names serve as wonderful toppers.

Cakes made for the celebration of birthdays are less formal in style. In fact, their designs are suited to the personality, age, interests and hobbies of the celebrant. There are times though when classic decors are used for the debut parties of young ladies and gentlemen. For the younger celebrants, the attractiveness of these items matters a lot. Bright colors, framed photos, shiny jewels and figurines are few of the cake topper ideas to choose from. Designs that tell a story also make great options.

To ensure you are getting the ideal topper for the celebrant, here are some insights you can observe. First of all, know everything about the celebrant. For those celebrating their birthdays, take note of their favourites, personalities and hobbies among others. For couples celebrating their wedding, it is important to know their individual tastes, personal beliefs or the way they visualize their life together. Do consult their loved ones for more relevant information.

If you want the best toppers for the celebrants, be ready with your budget. Excellent ones are usually made of quality materials that is why they are costly. There are many craft stores which offer these items for rent. This is a more practical option than buying an expensive one. Selecting edible ones from baking shops would be beneficial too. Some celebrants keep their toppers as souvenirs and heirlooms for their children and children. If this is the case, saving up for the ideal one must be done.

You will never know how many other people will celebrate their birthdays or weddings on the date similar to yours or your loved one. Thus, preparing ahead of time is advisable. Ordering for the cake and its décors several months in advance can keep you from hassles and possibility of having an incomplete celebration.

There are many cake topper ideas which are waiting for you to explore. With just one click on the mouse, you will get a wide selection of traditional and contemporary ones. Let an expert help you on this for best results.

Source by Martha Curry

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