The new Age of Aquarius has given us the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

There is a divine intelligence, a divine creator and a divine timing that runs the whole known universe.

Our ancestors knew more about these things than we do. We blind ourselves in our egotistical belief system that our technology has made us superior to all the civilizations that have gone on before.

The truth being that the more technology the farther from reality.

Technology is just the outer sheath that shows physicalness. Truth is non-physical. It is spiritual.

The new Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that all is spirit, or energy or vibration. It is also showing us that there is a connection between all things on the planet.

One of the sub laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics is called the Law of Resonant Frequencies. This tells us the things that have the same vibration are equal to each other.

Example: You, your photo. Your hair, your blood, your DNA all vibrate with the same frequency. Therefore they are all equal.

The new Laws of Radionics and Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that whatever you do to your photo, or hair, etc will affect you, the physical person.

These new laws are telling us that not only is everything connected by frequency but that there is also a direct correlation between these similar frequencies.

Even though we have not found the direct correlation between all things on the planet we do know some of these correlations.

There is a correlation between runes, colors, astrological signs, sounds, symbols, gods/goddesses and even the Palaces where the gods/goddesses live.

There is an energy that runs through them all and connects them. You can reach any of the others by working with another one. You can contact the Palaces of the Gods/goddess or even the gods/goddess themselves through working with astrological signs that correlate to them.

This is one of the great secrets revealed to us through the new paradigm of the laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics. In the next several hundred years all the secrets of creation will be shown to us.

Many of these secrets have been lost. But it is all slowly being rediscovered.

Here are some of the correlations between the runes, the Norse gods/goddess, the Palaces where they live and the 12 astrological signs. Use them in your rituals.

Thor’s palace is called BILSKNIR – “Lightning” and correlates with ARIES.

Skadi’s palace is called THRYMHEIM – “Thunder Home” and correlates with TAURUS.

Freya’s palace is called FOLKVANG -“Field of Warriors” and correlates with GEMINI.

Heimdal’s palace is called HIMMINBJORG – “Heaven’s Hall” and correlates with CANCER.

Baldur’s palace is called BREIABLIKK – “Broad view” and correlates with LEO.

Saga’s palace is called SOKKVABEKK – “Stream of Time and Events” and correlates with VIRGO.

Forsetti’s palace is called GLITNER – “Hall of Splendor” and correlates with LIBRA.

Odin’s palace is called GLADSHEIM – “Shinning Home” – and correlates with SCORPIO.

Uller’s palace is called YDALIR – “Valley of Yews” and correlates with SAGITTARIUS.

Vidar’s palace is called LANDVIDI – “White Land” and correlates to CAPRICORN.

Vali’s palace is called VALASKJALF – “Halls of Silver” and correlates with AQUARIUS.

Niord’s palace is called NOATUN – “Shipyard” correlates with PISCES.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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