Creative birthday card ideas that you can use to create one of-a-kind birthday cards… Do you remember how many birthday cards you received last year on your Big day? As for me, honestly 2 cards. But both of them were personally made by close family members See I don’t have a crafty family, neither do I got a big one, but I’ll always treasure those cards because I know the time, thoughts and effort it took to create something personable that was “me”…

Which made me feel loved and appreciated! I’m sure that any recipient of your creative birthday card will also feel the same way I felt when I received my homemade birthday card. Take some time to plan it, if needed…Or if your like me and have so many wonderful ideas running wild in your mind then let it out… be creative! You won’t believe the things you could possible create! Don’t be surprised if you start having family members, friends and co-workers asking you to create creative birthday cards for them…

Here are a list of things you’ll find helpful When creating a creative birthday card…

* Who are you making it for?

* What are their interests or style?

* What is their favorite color?

* When is their Birthday?

* Do they have a pet?

Above are some of the information you could consider when creating a birthday card for your recipient..

Basic Creative Birthday Card ideas:

* For her: Consider peach, pink and turquoise, Add ribbons or charms to add fashion, Shape cards into a purse, hat or flower. Use beads, fabric and a little glitter, Create cute images of hearts, bears, flowers and animals….

* For him: Add tools for auto lovers, consider black, blue, white and green, create hobby based themes like camping, fishing, paintball, surfing etc…

* For kids: Use images of toys, make a theme of their favorite cartoons or television shows, also consider bright colors, child, hobbies for example flying a kite, playing video games or cute characters like hello kitty and blue bear…

* For Teens: Use spunky paper like polka dots, stripes and patterns, Shape cards like stars, cell phones and iPods, Get images of their hobbies and create a collage, Use reggae based theme or surfing, skateboarding, body boarding, shopping etc…

* For Music lovers: you could create a card using Musical sheets or musical notes, you could create a photo of the instrument he or she plays or why not shape the card of the instrument

* For Outdoor lovers: Use colors and elements that are nature related, Include some elements that are cheerful and uplifting, For example: a flower in a pot for a gardener, a fishing pole for a fisherman

Source by Keshia Fernandez

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