If you’re looking to create a terror-iffic Halloween birthday party, that is sure to be a scream, you’ll want to start setting the mood with some frightfully fun invitations. We’ve also scared up some tricks to help you to transform your home into a Fright Fest.


Coffin Invites – Cut out coffin-shaped invites from black posterboard or cardstock. Write “R.I.P.” or “Going, Going, Gone” in red, followed by the name of a guest in white. Put your party date, which will signify the end of their life.

Spider Invites – Cut a piece of purple cardstock into four pieces. Using a yellow felt tip pen, draw lines to create the look of a spider web on the card. Type or write the party details and add a black spider sticker amongst your webs.

Poster Invites – Create a poster with a Halloween theme and add your party details at the bottom.


  • For a hauntingly good time, make a “ghost” to greet your guests. Blow up a large balloon and tie it off with fishing line. Cut a tiny hole in the center of a white sheet and feed the line through the hole. Draw black eyes on the sheet and hang your friend from the ceiling, at the front door, using the fishing line.
  • Make a ghastly couple to greet your guests. Stuff the clothing of a man and woman with newspaper to create their bodies. Place the bodies in chairs or a swing near your entrance. Stack some boxes behind the chairs or swing and place pumpkins with carved out faces to serve as their heads.
  • Create a frightfully fun graveyard to greet your guests. Whatever the age of the birthday person, have that many tombstones in your graveyard. In the alternative, you could have the tombstones all reflect the names of your guests. Just use gray posterboard or foam board to create your tombstones.
  • Spray paint silk or plastic plants black or dark purple and place around your yard or party room.
  • For a real spook-tastic ceiling, cover it with fallen tree branches that are free of leaves and spray paint them black. Then hang from fishing line large, black rubber bats and spiders. Interweave orange lights to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • To give your party room a creepy, crawly feeling, cover a wall with a spiderweb tablecloth and attach large plastic spiders to the web.
  • Freeze glow-in-the-dark eyeballs into ice cubes and use them in your punch bowl.
  • Create a fruit centerpiece by spray-painting plastic fruit black. Arrange the fruit in a silver bowl and interweave orange lights throughout. You could also attach an orange and black balloon bouquet to the arrangement to give it added height.
  • Spray paint a long metal trough black. Fill it with rice that has been colored orange using food coloring. Place tea light candles in the trough to give your table ambiance.
  • When considering which Halloween birthday party ideas to implement, you might want to consider creating a Mad Scientist display with a jar of glow-in-the-dark eyeballs, colored, steaming waters using food coloring and dry ice in beakers, glass jars, etc.
  • You never know what will be lurking around a corner. Fill a black cauldron with dry ice. Remember to wear gloves when handling the ice so it doesn’t burn you. Place rubber snakes, mice, and bugs along the edges so it looks like the pot is filled with these delectable critters. Pour warm water over the ice and it will look like something’s cookin’.
  • Transform your party room walls with black trees made from black butcher paper. You can make the tree trunks in one piece, then make several branches, and just attach them to the trunk to create the tree.

Source by Elizabeth Chastain

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