Here are some funny 50th birthday ideas that will give everyone a laugh and help to create a special 50th birthday occasion that everyone will remember.

Most everyone has a sense of humor and since 50th birthdays only come around once why not do something to add a little memorable fun to the occasion? A great idea is to have a t-shirt made for the birthday celebrant with a funny saying printed on it. Usually there are retail stores in every town that does this type of thing. If one can’t be found there is always the online option. Funny t-shirts that have a personalized message on them can be ordered from many companies over the Internet.

Here are some funny sayings you may want to consider for this 50th birthday t-shirt:

  • Contents in mint condition-packaging in slightly worn condition
  • I’m only fifty on the on the outside-on the inside I’m still a rebellious teenager
  • I’m not 50 I’m 49.95 plus tax
  • 50 is the new 30!
  • I make 50 look good!
  • 50 is actually Five Perfect 10’s
  • 50 Aged to Perfection
  • Fabulous at 50
  • 50 is young…..if you’re a tree!
  • It took me 50 years to look this good!
  • I’m not 50 I’m 21 with 39 years experience
  • Celebrating 50 years of ME!
  • 50- It’s better than the alternative
  • 50 Happens
  • Like begins at 50
  • I am now Officially Older Than Dirt!
  • 50 and my kids still can’t keep up with me!
  • For Sale 50 Year Old-Needs Parts Make Best Offer

Another funny and creative idea would be to have one of these sayings represent a common theme for the 50th birthday party and have it printed on something all the guests would have. You could choose any number of items they could take home to remember this special occasion.

Imagine this saying on a coffee mug: “Jim’s Not 50 -He’s 18 With 32 Years of Experience”. Or, how about this on a pin everyone could wear: “Sue Makes 50 Look Good!” You could have a funny statement like: “At 50 Ed is Now Older than Dirt” on caps everyone could wear. You could have your local printer make up a banner to hang in the house or yard using one of these sayings. You may also want to consider having a funny line printed on birthday balloons.

These funny expressions could even be used in cards or invitations that you will send out to your guests. At the party you could have something funny printed on gifts you could be handed out to game winners. Some companies have rolls of toilet paper that have funny 50th birthday related expressions printed on the sheets. An apron with a funny statement or tie with something funny on it would make a good gift that will get a laugh every time the 50th year old wears it. There is a lot you can do to make the 50th birthday memorable and funny. Consider one or more of these ideas and you will not go wrong.

Source by Mark S Myers

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