Who matches Gemini, a Virgo man or a Virgo woman?

Gemini and Virgo generally enjoy a good rapport. They are both intellects and since they enjoy a good conversation. The only major drawback is that Virgo is responsible in matters of importance while their partner is quite impulsive.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man.

These two will have a good time as they can both share their ideas, thoughts and feelings about life in general. When it comes to their personal lives however, their interests may greatly clash. The Virgo man's sincerity and responsibility may not auger well with the woman's extreme out-going nature and her poor planning. He may feel that these hits are too much to deal with and he is inadvertently to consider her for a wife.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman.

The woman will be a sight to behold at first sight. This will make the Virgo woman treasure the relationship and so at the beginning, it will be pure bliss. However, this will not be for long since a Gemini is always looking for something new and hence will start looking around for a new catch. This will not work with the Virgo woman who is naturally jealous. She will always be telling him what he needs to do in order to change and he will feel as though she is simply nagging him. This duo is likely to have a smooth beginning but the sparkle fades away a bit too fast.

Unfortunately, both zodiacs share a common negative trait while they are not able to express their inner feelings with ease. All factors considered however, Gemini Woman and Virgo Man are likely to work better. As much as they may have differences, the woman is usually somewhat changeable. The Virgo who is usually the more responsible of the two can try and guide the woman's roving eye to focus on the relationship.

Source by Priscillah Mwangi

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