Cosmic Influences for Grown-ups – May 2008

This is your month to begin a new year all of your very own. And it is a year in which relationships figure rigidly. Things have been quite intense for you over the last few months with Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, the other two Earth Signs. They have been looking across the Zodiac at your own Earth sign with somewhat serious smiles – which means that basically they're on your side and will support you, provided you put the effort in and cooperate with them – then the rewards could really be quite something! However, as Pluto will be doing his smiley thing for the next 16 years, you've got plenty time to get your act together. And easy-going, gentle as you are, you will need to take your time as change comes slowly for you.

Artistic, beautiful Venus, your ruling planet, will enter her own sign of Taurus at the end of April, so this is a good month to enjoy all the pleasures that life offers you. You could try a new hairstyle or go for a make-over. Your wardrobe may need a revamp which could have great fun, especially if you take a close friend with you and make a day of it! With Mars slowly going through Cancer at the same time, this could be the perfect time to socialize with family members and also get out and about locally – you never know who you may meet. It is important that you Taureans make an effort to discover new people and groups, rather than always staying within your social comfort zone.

Towards the end of May, Venus then gets to visit Gemini for about 3 weeks. This could be a good period for looking at your financial and material situation. This could involve some paperwork and maybe a couple of mind changes along the way. Through June and July your focus will be on family and your home life. Venus is the planet of aesthetics, so you may decide that your apartment does not reflect your inner sense of beauty any longer – time to get the paintbrushes out! This could also be a good time to start meditating as Venus will also be shining across the Zodiac at Neptune, planet of spirituality and all things mystical.

At the beginning of August, Venus enters Virgo and has an assignment with Saturn, the reality factor planet. This could cause you to stop in your tracks and count the cost of your recent commercial outlays. While this is in all likelihood nothing too concerned – Venus can raise worry to an art form when she's in Virgo. You may just have to wait until she gets into Libra in September. This could be the perfect time to begin some kind of health regime – well, you do have a sweet tooth, do not you? Relationships of all kinds will be in your face through October and may require you to make some choices in the people you fill your life with. Or you could meet someone new – maybe during some kind of training program or higher studies undertaken to boost your career.

During November and December, Venus is in Capricorn and Aquarius, two signs that will focus you on your career and further personal development. This will help you to put in steps to make some very profound changes in your inner life – the little things that used to take up your time will no longer seem important. There is a strong sense that your life is very changing track and opening you up to a whole new way of relating to life and yourself.

Once the excitation of the New Year is over you may find that your social circle is being filled with new people who are here to stay. You can begin to look to the future and focus on your long term goals, for your relationships, career and financial security.

Source by Dr Dawne Kovan

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