Did you enjoy your last birthday? Was it a time of celebration, or something you dreaded, knowing that another number was being added to your age? If you want to be happy in your life and with your life, then you are going to have to accept one indisputable fact: you are getting older.

Why do some people hate celebrating their birthdays, cringing as another number gets added to their age? Women especially become more and more reluctant to say their age as they get older. They may even lie about it and there’s this etiquette where it is deemed wrong to ask a woman’s age. It’s as though spending another year on earth is something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

Now this is a happiness article, so I’m not going to get all sombre on you. However, perhaps it is as we celebrate our birth, it reminds us we are getting older and that eventually we are going to die. Yet there are people who get upset about turning thirty. Perhaps they feel they’ve not done enough with their life. So, rather than doing something about it, they go into denial, pretending they aren’t getting any older.

In this society, getting older seems to be something to be ashamed of or fear. Think of the idea of an older people as being ‘past it’, doing nothing with their lives. And those who break our perception are deemed ‘young at heart’. It’s as though only the young know how to live. Maybe if we stop stereotyping older people, we won’t fear getting older quite so much.

Anyway, research continues to suggest that the older a person is, the happier they are.

Here are some points to reflect on:

Not impressed by what you’ve done to date? Then it’s time to make changes. Don’t have anymore regrets as you continue through life.

Establish then achieve your goals. Set a plan for the year. Do it today, at the start of 2009 or on your next birthday.

Remember this quote from the manager of the band The Zimmers whose lead singer is 91: “we’re old, but we’re not dead”.

Do things that feel right for you, regardless of age.

Reflect on what worries you about getting older. What changes can you make now, to make getting older a joy? Look after your health, manage your stress and exercise your mind. We can’t predict the future (so forget about seeing fortune tellers), but we can take care of now.

Know that change happens. Rather than fight it, enjoy the journey and each phase of your life.

You get one shot at life, so make the most of it.

Forgive sooner, appreciate the good things in your life and enjoy your time.

Finally, have a brilliant next birthday. Make the whole day a celebration.

Source by Julia Barnard

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