Your baby is going to turn one and you wonder when the year went by. It seemed like yesterday when you put her in swaddling clothes and brought her home and now here she is, babbling and crawling all over the place.

For that little angel you want to make the moment special when she enters Wonderland. And what better way to celebrate it other than with your friends and family. So you get down to learning how to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

First of all account for the number of people that will be invited to the party. Once you have set the number of people, keep a buffer of 10 plus or minus and keep that number in mind. Accordingly fix a budget. For instance, if a plate is anywhere between 400 – 700 you approximately know how deep is the hole in the pocket.

Now set off looking for a venue, it should accommodate the guests easily and have ample of space for the buffet section. If you have in mind to call a lot of kids then allot a space for them at the venue or make sure there are some entertainment modes like in-house rides.

The venue should reflect a lot of seating areas at the corners with lots of space spread out in the centre. Comfortable seating with extra chairs kept aside to accommodate more guests should always be handy. Don’t be distressed if you do not find that perfect hall at the first go. Look at the local gymnasium, school halls and town hall along with the banquet set-ups. Within a few days you’re sure to zero on a destination. However make sure it is easily accessible and the venue has clean lavatories as there kids at hand.

Next select your cuisine and dishes and do a bit of negotiating. Don’t forget to take the signed acknowledgment of the payment and cuisine details. Back home start on the theme for the party. You could choose from Disney, story books like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty or pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood and so on. According to the theme idea on the decoration. Make the most of the venue with smart decor that does not hurt your pockets too much. Don’t forget to carry a first aid kid to the party for just-in-case.

The invitation speaks much of your party. So be very creative and yet kiddish to keep it light. Surf the net for over a hundred styles, or sit down to do it yourself in paint. Even innovative would be when you cut paper to put the invite together. The wordings have to spell out the theme and the dress code if you have any. After everything is in place, relax and see everything unfold beautifully as you celebrate the first birthday of your kid.

Source by Jennie Amit Gandhi

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