"I began weighing the idea of ​​starting my own birthday party planning business as I heard the same sentiment echoed again and again. -Amy Jean Peters, How to Start a Home-Based Children's Birthday Party Business

Why Start A Children's Party Business?

It is possible to start this business on a shoestring budget?

It is possible to turn a profit within months of starting?

You might even decide to create a package to sell online. A children's birthday party kit in a box. Or you can just use the Internet for networking. There are more than 850,000 children's birthday party blogs and of those, more than 500,000 are about first birthday parties.

Here Are the Reasons Parents Will Hire You

(1) It frees them up to enjoy the party themselves without dealing with all the stress that comes from having to plan it. Parents who plan their own parties are too busy running around, making sure everything goes smoothly to enjoy it. Or even to watch their child enjoy it!

(2) They want to place the party in the hands of someone who has the expertise they lack. So when you demonstrate up front that you know exactly what you are doing, they will know that they can relax and leave it all to you.

(3) They do not believe in having home court advantage: many parents would rather have the party somewhere other than their own homes so that they do not have to clean up before or after it is over.

(4) Planning a party can require many hours of work! Today's crazy-busy, oversubscribed parents just do not have the time. They know that they frequently run out of time just trying to get their errands done and can not afford to add in all the running around necessary for planning a party.

(5) You are their "insurance" that everything will go well. With you planning and arranging it for them, they will know that they do not have to worry about whether or not it will be a success.

Parents often will spend up to $ 500 for a single children's birthday party. That income would add up pretty quickly, even if you were only working part-time at building your business. Think about how much time you could devote to it.

You may decide that this type of business is right for you!

Source by Jeanine Byers

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