Many years ago Mickey Mouse debuted as a feature film start in Fantasia, an animated movie that featured the little mouse becoming a wizard’s apprentice and eventually flooding his master’s castle. There’s no dialogue in that movie, and yet it became a landmark in Disney’s proud character’s career.

Years later your kid asked you to throw him a Mickey Mouse birthday party and you thought Why not?

Now I’m asking you to consider a Fantasia themed party. You’ll be taking the already magical character’s of Disney and making them even more magical. I guarantee your kid will love you and remember the party for years to come.

But how do you convert a plain old Mickey Mouse party into a Fantasia party? Here are some ideas.

Fantasia centerpieces – when decorating your party don’t just use mouse figurines. If you can find them, use Mickey dressed as a wizard. Alternatively, craft your own mage hats to use as centerpieces. In Fantasia the hat was blue decorated with white stars and moons.

Fantasia guests – instead of the traditional mouse ears headbands, give your guests crafted wizard hats. Or if your guest’s parents don’t mind, make it a game to build the hats at the start of the party! And remember to let the kids take them home after the party.

Fantasia show – for party entertainment you can not only show the movie Fantasia but, if you have money, hire a magician that doesn’t mind dressing as Mickey Mouse in the movie. Or you can learn a few tricks yourself and do the show.

More Fantasia Ideas

You can also invest in the decoration – use lots of stars and moons, combine with blue glitter and use cakes and cookies shaped like magical symbols.

Or you can decorate the place as a castle.

And don’t forget about Mickey Mouse’s walking broomsticks!

Source by Lara Stern

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