Birthdays are considered to be an extremely special day for all of us. Greeting the celebrant a very happy birthday can certainly brighten his or her day, but a birthday message that is created by you will surely touch the person’s heart in ways you never thought would be possible. Making your own birthday messages only means that you made an effort to express what you feel and that the words came straight from the heart. Sure, the greeting card messages included when you buy a birthday card are good, but nothing beats a message that you made yourself and cannot be found elsewhere.

Where to begin

If you do not know where or how to begin, you can start by bringing up something which the celebrant has done that you are so grateful for. People normally enjoy it when they are treasured and acknowledged.

What else to include

If you are a poetic type of person, you can compose your own poem and include it in the birthday card. Make a personal touch by adding the celebrant’s name in the poem itself, a memorable event, or anything that is connected to her. Keep in mind, though, that you are composing a birthday poem, so it should never be irrelevant to that particular occasion.

Make it easy to understand because a poem using extremely profound words will not be appreciated by someone who is not into poetry. You should know the person well for you to be able to use the most fitting writing approach. Your message can be anything; it can be romantic, humorous, or contemplative.

If you and the celebrant have already known each other for years, you can include the most unforgettable moments that both of you have shared with one another like an event which made you realize how important she or he is to you. Give the celebrant the impression that you will always be looking forward to celebrating more birthdays together.

In conclusion – do not forget the most important aspect

There are no certain guidelines to follow when writing your own birthday message. Your sincerity is enough to make it the best gift the celebrant has ever received.

Source by Felix Ellia

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