Delivering your best wishes with flowers is the best birthday gift for a friend or relative. A lovely flower bouquet makes a person feel special. While planning a floral arrangement for birthday, take into account the age, gender, personality and preference of the person whose birthday you want to celebrate with flowers.

Birthday flower arrangements for women

Flowers are the traditional birthday gifts for women. You will hardly find a woman who is not impressed by flowers. While selecting the blooms, focus on her preferences. If she has a weakness for a certain flower, try to design an attractive floral arrangement with the flowers of her choice. You can even create a floral gift basket by combining plant materials with stuffed animals. For young, lively and energetic women create a colorful floral arrangement with bright blooms. Cooler and subdued tones of colors are suitable for women who prefer a quiet and blissful life.

Birthday flower arrangements for men

Flowers are not strictly a feminine gift. Men are also mesmerized by the beauty of flowers. While designing flower arrangements for men, use monochromatic colors to blend with the masculinity of men. White and the cool color shades such as violet, blue and green are more suitable for men.

Birthday flower arrangement for kids

Kids love colorful blooms. Their floral gift baskets should combine a variety of flowers and foliages with toys and balloons.

Symbols of flowers

If you want to convey a specific message to a person on his / her birthday, consider selecting flowers that symbolize your feeling. A bouquet of chrysanthemums is a sign of everlasting friendship. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, whereas red roses are the traditional symbols of romantic love. To express your loyalty, use a lovely floral arrangement with daisies.

Birthday month

Fresh seasonal flowers are the preferred choice of most florists while designing floral arrangements for birthday. The colors of the flowers signify the specific features of the month. Birthdays on the winter months are typically celebrated with white colored blooms. White symbolizes snowfall as well as the serenity of the festive season. Spring bouquets used for celebrating births from February to April are more vibrant and colorful. Violet is the preferred color of February. Birthdays in March are usually celebrated with yellow blooms and pink symbolizes the warmth of April. The warmth of May is usually complemented with white blooms. Red is the most popular color of June. Birthdays in July and August is celebrated with pink and yellow flowers. Purple is the color of September. Orange and yellow colored blossoms form the focal point of bouquets designed for celebrating birthdays in October and November.

Source by Cesar D Taylor

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