Husbands are notoriously bad to buy gifts for. People tend to stick to buying things that they need in the future. For example, they will buy their husband some new underwear, socks or deodorant.

However, it is hard to get them something that they really want. This tend to be because if they know that they want something, they will buy it for themselves. They are less likely to wait until birthday is coming up and ask for it as a gift.

As a result, husbands do not really put much weight in the gifts that they receive for their birthday. They are grateful and they will use the gifts that they get, but they will not think that the gift is amazing or something that they will keep for the rest of their lives.

If your husband has a birthday coming up and you want to buy him something special, rather than something practical, then read on for more information.


Buying an experience is something that is really popular at the moment. It is not something that he will be able to keep forever, but the memory of the experience will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Buying an experience is the same as buying him a ticket to an event. You will buy him a gift certificate to an experience that you know he will like, like driving an F1 car, or going white water rafting. You will not actually know the date of the event; he will phone up and book himself on the experience at a date that is convenient to him.

He will appreciate the thought that has gone into choosing the experience, but you have to make sure that he is booked onto an experience that he will like. If it is something that he has not shown an interest in, he is less likely to phone up and book the experience.

You do have the option of booking two tickets for the experience. You could go along with him and use it as a bonding experience for you both, but if you do not fancy it, you can tell him to take one of his friends.


Buying him a hamper is a very good idea because he will get a lot of gifts. Some websites sell hampers that are made especially for men. They have items that men use, like aftershave and deodorant, but they also have nice gifts in them as well.

You might find a hamper with a nice wallet in, some cuff links or even a nice tie. This is all in addition to the daily items that men use. Your husband may appreciate this because he will not have to buy the items himself.

If you find a hamper and you do not like the items that are inside, then you do have the option of picking the items yourself. It is very easy. You just contact the hamper company and ask them for a list of items that are available for the hamper.

They will email you the list, and you will just have to email them back when you have picked the items. Some of the items might make the hamper a bit more expensive, but if you want to spend more, you can just ask them for a list of items that will keep the costing to a minimum. The best hamper company will have no problem doing this for you.

Above, are two very good gift ideas that your husband will love. He will love anything that you buy him, simply because the gift is from you.

Source by Reevian Saied

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