Online conversation has become the primary source of communication amongst the hip and trendy in today’s world. This is probably because we are able to converse with a whole group of people without actually physically being with them. It is also a great way of setting up a date with someone that you feel attracted to. There are a few rules that need to be followed if you want to be successful in forming a special relationship with the person who is at the center of your attention.

What many people tend to forget is that there is another person at the other end of the data line. This can be difficult to remember as all we are seeing in front of us, is a screen. What is most important to remember, is that this person has feelings and we therefore need to be careful what we say, and how we say it. In other words, we need to take more time to think before we speak. When speaking to friends and family, we often do not censor ourselves too carefully because in most cases, they know that we do not mean to be offensive or hurtful. However, speaking to somebody online is a very different situation. In these cases, we may intend to say something in a completely harmless fashion, but unfortunately what comes out on the other side may sound sarcastic, hurtful or crude. The use of CAPS should also be avoided unless you want to emphasize a specific word, otherwise this may be interpreted as shouting.

Avoid using too many abbreviations. Although there are a few useful ones such as “BRB” or “LOL”, there are some people that tend to use abbreviations for almost everything that they are saying. This can be extremely confusing, especially for those who are not as experienced in online chatting as you are. Instead of using an abbreviation, why not use an emoticon instead. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Most instant messaging programs have a large variety of emoticons that can portray many different emotions and ideas. This means that you can let your chat partner know whether you are happy or bored, or you can even wish your friend happy birthday with the use of an emoticon.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to chat with somebody in a positive and friendly manner, and you may even be able to arrange a date just because you took the time to show a little respect.

Source by Robert Johnsson

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