In this article we will take a look on what you can do to improve your juggling skills in soccer.

Patience – It is important to have patience while practicing on your juggling skills. You can’t expect to become good at juggling in few weeks. This is something that takes time and the more effort you put in, the more you will get back. What I am trying to say is that you need to see every day as a chance to increase your juggling skills.

Practice often -I would recommend you to practice on your juggling at least 30 min per day. After few weeks or so you will notice that you juggling skills have increased by several levels.

Use a small ball – This one is great for your overall soccer skills and not only for juggling. I can admit that juggling with a small ball is not that easy as with a regular one. However, I can ensure you that after juggling with a small ball for 20 min or so you can try change to the regular one. What you will notice is that the regular ball suddenly feels clumsy and too big for your feet. It will also become easier to keep the ball in the air for longer time.

Keep you focus on the ball – While juggling, don’t lose focus on the ball. Try to shut down everything around you and just concentrate on keeping the ball in air. This is not so easy to do if you are new to soccer, however after a while it will become natural.

Try to break your record – Each time you practice on your juggling skills you should try to break your record. Never get satisfied just because you have managed to keep the ball in the air for 5 min or so. Instead encourage yourself to increase your time to 6 min and so on. My point is that you should always try to improve your juggling skills.

Relax – One of the most important things in juggling is to keep your body relaxed. The more relaxed you are the better juggling skills.

Source by Mirsad Hasic

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