Limousine is the latest craze among the teenage girls, especially the ones who can afford them. In order to add excitement to their parties, they often hire high capacity stretch limos to celebrate their birthdays. These cars have huge space and can accommodate around 15 to 20 people. They are equipped with all the gears and facilities which are required for such parties. The limo service providers are also providing a lot of special services for birthday parties in their limos. Having a party inside a car equipped with luxurious facilities is enough to create interest among teenage girls. There are several things you can do while organizing a party in a limo. Some of the ideas are mentioned below:

You can arrange a formal dinner in a restaurant in the city. You can ask your friends to come at a common place, and then give them a ride in a limo to reach the restaurant. During your trip, you can actually party inside the car. You can also ask the limo service provider to play party music. Some limo providers are also giving a facility to decorate your car according to the event. You can pick a theme for the day. You can also cut the cake and distribute birthday gear like hats and have fun. Take a lot of pictures of your friends. The luxurious interior of the limo will give you an opportunity to take some nice photographs. Your friends will definitely not forget the ride, and they will all be excited when you get down for your dinner. Hiring a limo for 4 to 6 hours will be sufficient in such cases.

If your city is full of exciting places which can be visited with your friends, then you can arrange for a city tour in a limo on your birthday. The most important thing to do so is to prepare your itinerary. You need to decide the plan, and convey the same to the limousine provider. Normally, you need to hire the car for the entire day. That’s why it’s important to fix the charges involved. You can actually do some research on different services before you pick one. While going on a city tour, you need to make sure that enough quantities of drinks and food are stuffed inside the car. You can decide on a common pick up point. A dress code can also be decided to add fun.

You can also have a silent but pleasant experience inside a limo if you don’t want to have a noisy affair. You can pick up two or three close friends, and can just go around the city while getting pampered by the luxurious facilities inside the limo. The presence of a bar, quality music and a TV can really make the day entertaining.

All these things can actually make your birthday a great day for you and your friends. You just need to see that you are spending wisely on all the services you are hiring. Otherwise, you may end up wasting a lot of money. A little planning would certainly help.

Source by Adam Covey

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