People who reminisce about their childhood usually remember wonderful birthday parties. Birthdays are wonderful happy times for family and friends to celebrate together. Children usually have parties themed as prince and princesses, cowboy and Indians. Another popular option is to throw a ladybug themed birthday party. The ladybug theme became very popular after a movie known as “A Bugs Life” came out (watching the movie can be an activity during the party).

With the various ladybug supplies available, you can choose to use classic red and black supplies or you can opt for the more modern pink ladybug supplies. Whichever color theme you choose your little one will certainly have a wonderful time with all of her friends on her birthday.

Having your child make a ladybug costume can be a great way to help them dress up for their birthday party. The highlight of this costume can be the antennas on your child’s head.There are cute ladybug headbands available with antennae coming out of the top, which the kids will certainly enjoy running around wearing. You can also turn this into an activity for the kids and buy materials so that they can make their own antennae headbands.

There are many supplies that you will need if you want to have a ladybug themed party. Some of things you can purchase include paper plates, paper cups and napkins that are imprinted with ladybugs. If you’re looking for something especially fancy, you can also add additional accessories such as ladybug molded candles to the birthday cake, ladybug balloons and a centerpiece for the table. If you cant find enough ladybug party supplies, the key then will be to color coordinate all the pieces (all pink or all black and red) and try to use the color theme in every party material (invitations, balloons, cake, party gifts).

If you are having a lot of children over you can also purchase small ladybug party treat bags. You can give the children ladybug gift bags that are filled with great treats for them to always remember your child’s party. Some perfect things to give the children are ladybug erasers, pencils, stickers, and stuffed toys for them to always be reminded about the great time they had during the party.

The key to a magical birthday is to plan out the ladybug party supplies so that all parts of the party, everywhere you see, will be about ladybugs. You need to transform the party space into a ladybug wonderland, and then you will surely have a memorable birthday party for all those who come.

Source by J Barry

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