Most of the people who go to the dog track are gamblers. They don’t have a clue, when they go in, whether they’ll walk out with more or less money than they walked in with. They don’t spend a lot of time looking at the program, but they DO spend a lot of time praying, hoping and wishing that their dogs come in. This is no way to make money at the dog track.

I’m not a gambler. Gamblers rely on luck to win. I’m a handicapper. Like someone who plays the stock market, I know before I go in to the track that I have a better than average chance of hitting more winners than losers. I’ve done my research. I’ve worked at getting better at what I do, which is handicapping greyhounds.

I don’t rely on lucky numbers, sitting in a lucky spot, playing my kids’ birthdays or praying to St. Bernadino, the patron saint of gamblers. I do rely on my skill at picking winners that other people don’t know how – or won’t learn how – to spot.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning my craft. However, it’s nothing that almost anyone can’t learn if they put enough time and effort into it. Like a lot of people who have gotten good at something, I’m even willing to share what I know. So, why is it that so few track-goers spend more than the minimum time on getting better at handicapping?

I think most of them really believe that dog races are impossible to handicap with logic and practice. Most of the crowd is still convinced that it’s all luck, and luck isn’t something you can learn to get better at. Well, they’re entitled to their opinions, but I think they’re wrong.

I think that’s why so few people at the track are successful. They’re gambling, while people like us are handicapping, studying and learning, and getting better all the time at picking winners. So, are you a gambler or a handicapper?

Source by Eb Netr

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