Monster High Costumes are the must have outfit this Halloween if your child is a fan of Monster High. Monster High was launched last year in 2010 and has quickly taken the world by storm. Mattel is behind the popular franchise and it is huge.

Monster High is a High School where teenage children from all the famous monsters, ghouls and creepy characters throughout the ages attend. They all have freaky flaws to deal with that is unique to them. Such as Frankie Stein being sewn together and having the difficult problem of coming apart at the seams.

Each of the characters have been made into a doll. The dolls are so popular with girls and have grown since first released adding even more characters including really cool boy dolls. There are even different versions of each doll such as The Dawn Of The Dance Series or The Classroom Series.

Naturally it wouldn’t be long before every girl would want to dress up as their favorite doll and fortunately that is now possible. There are Monster High Costumes that have been released for this Halloween bringing all the excitement and glamor to Halloween.

I say glamor because unlike the Halloween costumes of the past which have all been quite ugly, Monster High Costumes are well, attractive. I think that’s what appeals to young girls the most. The characters are cool, hip teenagers and yes they are freaky by nature but they are fashionable and trendy and really really cool.

Now girls can dress as their favorite doll looking nice instead of dressing as some ugly old witch or boring ghost. Unfortunately the costume and wig do have to be purchased separately. I have found that buying them both is the easiest but if you just want the wig which really is the most important part to achieve the look then you can put together your own outfit.

The Monster High Costumes that are available at the moment are based on the original release Monster High Dolls which are:

Frankie Stein – Frankie Stein’s costume looks like the original Frankie Stein Doll. It’s a black and white plaid dress with the polkadot tie. The costume also comes with sleeves and leggings that have the stitch marks on them. There is also a Frankie Stein wig available which really is needed to complete the outfit.

Clawdeen Wolf – Clawdeen’s costume comes with purple skirt and studded belt, fur collared jacket and zebra striped top. The wig comes with little werewolf ears. Very cute!

Draculaura – Draculaura’s costume is a white pleated skirt, white lace collared top and pink vest. This really is an easy outfit to put together yourself as long as you have the wig of course.

Cleo De Nile – Cleo de Nile’s outfit includes leggings that look like bandages wrapped around her legs. This outfit would be a bit harder to reproduce on your own as the bandage look is a must to pull this off. Simply wrapping bandages around your legs just wouldn’t look right.

Lagoona Blue – Lagoona’s costume includes little fins for the arms and legs and has a fish scale top. Lagoona’s wig is really pretty. You could make your own bag to go with this costume by attaching shells and starfish to a brightly colored plain bag.

Ghoulia Yelps – Ghoulia doesn’t have an official costume as yet but her outfit is easy to create. She wears red jeans with long black boots over them. You must have a long blue wig for Ghoulia and include her trademark cats eye glasses and your pretty close.

Source by Catherine Laker

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