In society the official age of independence is 18, but initiation into adulthood comes at 21. Yes, the year a person can finally drink alcohol is a significant one, so the celebrant needs to be properly prepared for the first day of that social maturation with the necessary tools to fully enjoy it. Therefore the gifts the recipient receives should not only be items that will hold the memory of the day, they should also be things that will get them ready for years ahead.

A newer, more mature outfit would be called for in order for the recipient to have pleasant memories of their celebration. A more chic look is also a great way to acknowledge their growth and to have them look their new age.

As was mentioned earlier a 21st  birthday  gift should be something that can be used in many years to come. So add a little to their grown-up appearance by offering them more elegant jewelry and accessories. An earring and necklace set that would capture grace, beauty and intelligence would be a perfect gift for a female. And for the men a classy wristwatch would be idle to have them feeling older and more masculine.

Drinking stuff is of course very appropriate for this occasion. A fun and useful presents would be well designed shot glasses, a drinking flask, wine with quality wine glasses or even better a portable bar set for traveling.

A gift of the drinking experience is also something that the recipient would remember. Giving them the experience of adult nightlife, and sponsoring their drinks for the night would be a generous offer that will be highly appreciated.

A taxi card is the most practical present that can be given to a 21 year old. It is a money card that pays for taxi rides. This item would ensure that the celebrant would always have a designated driver for the days they really need one. It will also keep the partyer out of trouble with the law since they won’t be caught driving drunk.

A first aid kit is a definite essential for the days the recipient develops a hang over. It should be filled with basics like aspirin,vitamins, eye blinders, and earplugs. This set would help relieve any morning pains that may come from alcohol.

Good advice makes an excellent and needed gift for the new adult drinker. Stories and experiences make a great teaching tool that will be used for the rest of the  birthday  boy/girl’s life. There are several options you have to make your delivery superb and creative. You can write what you have to say in a card, make a song, make a home made video or even make a poem.

There are several gift ideas that you can come up with, but the bottom line is to be sure that the 21-year old celebrant fully enjoys their day, and is safe from the very beginning of the legalized drinking experience.

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Source by Thelma Ughanze

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