Some tips's Here for birthdays on the networking site Http:// . That time of year when you can shower people with greetings, cards, and pressies to wish them all the best … and hopefully receive the same when it's your big day! It's difficult remembering all these though, particularly those who are not your closest friends or family – and even if you do remember, it's trying to get around to actually sending regards.

So … a few tips on finding people's birthdays on myspace:

1. Go through you friends list and see if they've registered their date of birth and the orange birthday symbol is showing as their birthday coming up soon. This is shown just below their photo.

2. Ask them! Send a quick bulletin asking for people's birthdays, promising to remember and send a fantastic greeting on that day. You could then note in your diary or on your myspace calendar so you do not forget.

3. What about people off myspace? Send a quick normal email along the same lines – maybe promising that if they join myspace then you'll be able to send them an unusual greeting on the big day. You can of course add your personal URL link to this email so they can click and see your profile on myspace.

4. People you do not yet know on myspace. If you want to get chatting to people you do not know you could send a quick mail with their birthday as a conversation starter – particularly good for friends of friends. Unfortunately you can not search for people just on their birthday, but as you flick through profiles you should be able to see chat about their birthday coming up or the orange symbol if they've set it to show.

And of course, do not forget your own birthday! A little publicity will help jog people's memories – here's some tips on how to remind people:

1. Make sure your date of birth is entered on your profile, and the orange symbol is showing when it's coming near. Go to "account settings" on your profile, then "privacy settings" then tick "show my birthday to my friends" option.

2. Mark your myspace calendar with your birthday through "manage calendar" on your profile – you can set this to show up on your profile to just your friends or with everyone on myspace (go to the "options" part of manage calendar), but be careful because your whole calendar will be on view !!

3. Send a bulletin letting your friends know when your big day is and what you're planning …

4. Set up an Event for your birthday and invite your friends to it. This could be just meeting up with mates for a drink, but you can really jazz-up your event sheet to make impressive and invite people to be a "guest". You can also invite people off myspace to this, offering a link to your profile and event.

5. Add some funky or special birthday HTML code to your profile on your birthday – searching the myspace layout sites will come up with something cracking. A bit daring, but maybe put on some old photos of yourself ?!

6. For bands, a great opportunity for some publicity. As well as band members birthdays, there could be the official birthday of the band formation that you can let people know about.

A final thought on sending regards on people's birthdays. You could make an effort with sending a comment or mail with some good HTML code. If you want to really go to town, you could set up a new myspace profile or event just for them individually and put a link from your mail / comments to this site – you're got a whole fresh site to get wishing happy birthday on !

If you want to actually buy a gift but you're too far apart or its last minute, then you could buy a gift token online and send the details by email. A popular site like amazon can do gift vouchers for their site – you can add a personal message, and have it ready within seconds.

Happy myspacing!

Andy Nuttall


Source by Andy Nuttall

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