Another novel way of sending a birthday greeting is to send naughty electronic birthday cards. These cards are available online at a number of websites that offer provocative graphics and photos that you can send to your loved ones. However, given the nature of the material that is placed on the electronic card and the information that you need to provide these sites, those who receive them may be very sensitive about their privacy when making and receiving these types of cards. It is therefore very important that you read the privacy policy of these sites before using them to send a card.

Privacy policies you should look for

Since you provide these websites with your e-mail address, you should ensure that this information is used only for the said transaction. Some websites say that they only keep this information up to a certain time or until the card has been sent to the recipient. The e-mail address of the one who will receive the card should also be covered by the privacy policy and should only be used for the process of sending the card. You should also ensure that if the website says that you will be sent a reply to any questions you may have, they will only send the e-mail to you and not send it to multiple recipients that will allow others to see your e-mail address.

Credit Card payments

For the websites that sell the cards that they offer, you must also make sure that the credit card information that you give them will remain confidential. You should ask for the type of encryption that they use in receiving and keeping this information. The usual encryption that is being used by most websites is the SSL encryption, and most websites promise that the information that you give them will be automatically deleted after a forty-eight hour period upon the completion of the transaction.

Sending naughty birthday cards is a very novel and fun way of sending a birthday greeting. However, in doing so, you must also be aware of the security issues that you need to consider before using websites that offer these kinds of cards. Viewing and scrutinizing the privacy policy of these websites is one way of doing so.

Source by Marcus Peterson

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