Would you believe that October has two birthstones? I never knew that. It just goes to show you, that you learn something new every day. I always knew the opal was one, because my mom's birthday is in October, in fact my sister and my husband's birthday is in October. God help me, all these Libra's.

The two stones are the Opal and Tourmaline which is not easy to pronounce. At any rate it is one of the favorite among those who design jewelry, and all the collectors of gems.

This stone is loved by everyone because it comes in every color imaginable, this stone is one of those who show a wide variety of colors.

One of the stones shows so many different colors. Would you believe it is called watermelon. It comes in so many other colors, that's why everyone loves it. I've seen a square cut one that looks just like an emerald so you could go crazy with your imagination.

It is believed to increase the metabolism, and soothing effects on the nerves along with the increase in the living tissue of the body. It's even provided to increase performances of professional athletes.

The global healing center is quoted as saying.

"This gem has been reported to actually have the power to boost sexual energy in men, as it increases the blood flow and circulation in the body." The gemstone is also reported as helping to ease emotions increasing vitality and vigor in both men and women " . They also say that "this stone helps with the following. Liver cleansing aids in eliminating heavy metals from the body".

This stone is supposedly to have so many more qualities that I think we should all get one, and see just what it does for us.

Let's move on to the Opal.

The opal is, to me, a multicolored gem. The one I see most is the one that has a milky pink color, although they come in black which I never knew. It is said that the opal comes from the Latin word opalus meaning precious jewel, and it is a symbol of faithfulness.

Now the farmers almanac has a section for birthstones and their meanings. They say that the opal also means the symbol of faithfulness, but also adds that it gives you confidence. If you had a necklace with an opal setting, it would ward off evil and would also protect your eyesight. Boy I really need that. But then do not we all. But I think the black is more suited to a man's taste. The black stone is somewhat of a crystal color black, unlike the black onyx which is more opaque. It's all a matter of taste, whether man or woman, they are all fine looking gems to wear, as rings, necklaces, or even to carry a small stone in your pocket for all the benefits these stones have.

Source by Frankie Sue Newell

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