Starting a daycare is not an easy decision. But, for many women around the world, it has proved to be the right one. Women are turning their once small daycare centers into successful businesses which earn them a great income. Many women have quit their jobs and are now financially independent. These women have more time to spend with their family and to do the things they love.

Once you have an initial number of kids in your daycare, it is time to ensure that they and, more importantly, their parents, are happy that they’ve chosen your daycare center. Remember the following sentence, because following it basically ensures a successful and growing daycare center business: “Happy children make for happy parents who in turn bring you more customers and more money.”

You need to woo the parents who entrusted you with their children. There’s no other way to put it. You can do so by appealing to the children. You should of course keep the children happy and safe all year around. That’s the basic rule of running a day care. But you can also put in a little more effort on special occasions and get a lot more in return.

Don’t know when and how? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Birthdays – you should make each child’s birthday a special occasion. Either buy a cake or bake one yourself. Make a day of it, or at least an hour or so at the end of the day. Make sure to invite the child’s parents to attend the party about 2 weeks in advance. They will be pleasantly surprised. Make them a part of the celebration. It will connect them more firmly to you and to your daycare.

2. Holidays – each holiday should be preceded by a special day at your daycare. For halloween, you can throw a preliminary costume party for the kids. Again, invite the parents. Make sure they know what you’re doing. They’ll be impressed with your energy and creativity.

3. Arrange a daycare play in which the kids act. Make sure that each kid gets about the same number of lines so that no parent will feel as if his/her kid got the short end of the stick. The children’s families will be the audience.

You can come up with more ideas, I’m sure. Any event that brings the parents to your daycare center in a positive atmosphere, makes them more loyal customers who will recommend your daycare to more people. You will get more customers and make more money. All these events shouldn’t cost much and can be a lot of fun to produce.

To get more ideas and tips on how to start and run a successful day care center, visit this dedicated webpage: Opening a day care center

Source by Lucy Doyle

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