Birthday is a special occasion for every person, he or she expects lots of love and gifts from relatives and friends. Anything given out of love is a priceless gift in this world, but being more thoughtful when it comes to birthday gifts is safe. If it is a birthday of kids then you can give anything like toys, dolls, chocolates, cloths anything in the world would make them happy.

If it is a birthday of your close friend, then you should be more thoughtful. If you know their likes and dislikes then it would not be a problem in selecting the gifts. You know what they like and you can just buy that and give it. But if you do not know about their preferences then follow the general rule about gifts. Do not go for very special presents, as your friend may not like it. Flowers are the best and safe way to gift someone, everyone likes flowers because of its freshness.

Photo frames or digital photo frames are the best options for gifts. By giving frames as a gift, you will make the moment memorable. They can store the most important photos of their life in frames. Engraved bracelets with their names on it would make anyone happy. Jewelry can be given as a gift to a girl, watches, perfumes, colognes are also good options to present on birthdays.

You can also present self made gifts like cards, scrap books, basket of collectibles, paintings make the person very emotional and it shows how much they mean to you. Giving expensive gift is not something which will make someone happy, but the hidden emotions in those gifts are what matters. So do not worry if you can not afford expensive gifts for your friend, just express your love and feelings through any gift, it will be the best gift ever.

Source by Igurnam Singh

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