If you are the one who is on the receiving end of a forgotten birthday, it is certainly no fun, especially if someone who should remember it doesn’t. Receiving gifts or wishes for a happy day on a birthday from friends and family makes a person feel special and loved. So if you know how that feels, remembering someone’s birthday and sending her wishes for a happy one will make her feel cared for and make you feel good for knowing you gave her that feeling. If you are afraid you may forget a birthday of a friend or family member, there are things you can do to help you remember this important day.

The old way of remembering birthdays is one that has been used by the elderly to remember, and all it takes is keeping a little notebook and writing down the birthdays of important friends and family members. A small year planner is a great place to keep these, where there is space to write down the names and birthdays of all the friends and family members you hold dear. This can be a great solution, as long as you periodically check the book.

There is now software that you can install in your computer to help you remember birthdays, as well as other special occasions. You can enter dates and a birthday reminder will come up when a birthday is approaching.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing software for this purpose, you can sign up on any of the websites that offer an alert service, as well as free ecards. When someone’s birthday is approaching, you will receive an email notification so you can send free ecards to friends of family members. If you notice the birthday will be in a couple of days, you can make a birthday ecard and have it post dated to be sent to their email address on their birthday.

To choose an ecard for a friend or family member, you simply have to log into the ecard site, find the birthday card that you like, and personalize it for the person who is having the birthday. Once this is done, you can send a great ecard that will show how much you care. You can even send the card a few days ahead of time. Most of the ecard software is able to schedule each card you want to send.

Source by Terje Brooks

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