There are many special occasions held during one lifetime but none provided the fun and mirth as a birthday can. There is no doubt that anniversaries come once in a few years and they have a greater charm than the humble birthday, but one should not forget the fact that the birthday visits every year and provides one the opportunity to invite their friends and relatives. People go to great lengths preparing for a birthday party and they spend time in purchasing return gifts and other goods.

The most important thing, the one that holds second position after the birthday person, is the birthday cake. The thrills as the candles are lit are a sight to behold. The attempts of the birthday boy / girl to snuff out all the candles in a single attempt are often hilarious. Try to take images of such events and you'll invariably find that the birthday cake remains the center of attention. It is not surprising, therefore, to see that there are many pastry shops that thrive by selling birthday cakes. Before you too go out for purchasing a birthday cake, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Are you opting in for a pre baked cake or are you going to order a special one? If you are going to purchase a pre baked cake, there are many varieties available. Take some time off to search the internet and you will find many pastry shops offering cakes through their online shops. These birthday cakes are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. If you thought that chocolate was the only color available, it is time you updated yourself up with the modern times where even strawberry and green colored cookies are available.

Then there are cakes that are adorned with silver or golden foil to give them a different look altogether. However, if you are in the mood, you can select a suitable recipe and bake the cake yourself. It is not so tough to bake birthday cakes and seeing the cake made by yourself gives that extra bit of satisfaction. Birthday cakes that you make at home or those that are available in the market also come in different flavors and sizes. You can go for a teeny one or for a gigantic one, sufficient to feed 200 people. These cakes generally come in the shape of famous landmarks, animals and other things.

Do not be surprised if you see birthday cakes that look just like the `standing tower of Pisa '. Birthday cakes, especially the ones made at home can also be decorated with different types of sweets and confetti. All such stuff are easily available at stores that sell ingredients required to bake cakes. While baking birthday cakes, ensure that the ones you are baking suits the age of the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Baking a cake in the shape of a cartoon character is more suitable for kids rather than for a grandpa.

Source by Albert Lee

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