Did you know that now there is original new technology that makes it possible to send fun musical birthday greetings from a website to a phone?

Tuesday was my birthday. I suppose a paper birthday card is OK from Grandma. And each year I pretty much expect to get a birthday E-greeting from Jeff in accounting. So on my birthday I was thinking that there’s got to be a better way, and then my phone rang with my brother’s caller ID on the display.

“Hey sis,” a crisp recorded voice was talking, “Don’t forget, I’ll always be one year older than you,” and then this great birthday ditty begins to play: “Happy Birthday! Now you’re one year older. Happy Birthday! Your life still isn’t over. Happy Birthday! . . .”

As the song continued a big smile spread across my face. Alas, a fresh new way to “Happy Birthday” my friends.

With exciting new technology it is now possible to send a musical birthday greetings to your friends’ phones for free.

It’s fun to select from a menu of entertaining musical birthday greetings and send one directly to a phone. That’s it – a fun birthday song and a customized message from you. It’s so much better than a traditional card or E-greeting. You simply choose your favorite birthday song on the site, type in your name (so your friend will know the call is from you) and press send. It’s especially fun to set the time the call is delivered so you can be there when their phone rings.

How organized you could be if you scheduled birthday dialer phone greetings to your entire family. After all, a phone call is always better than a card.

Source by H. Glauser

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