You successfully sent out your photo birthday invitations, you found the perfect cake, you spent countless hours finding the perfect location and your party was a big success. So not that it's all over, all you have to do is finish the scrapbook and start worrying about the next birthday, right? Wrong!

One of the most important parts of completing your birthday party is to make sure and thank everyone who contributed to the party. Birthday party etiquette says that everyone who attended the party and everyone who sent a gift should get a birthday thank you card. Yes, you spent countless hours and lots of money to make the event great and you might be thinking that people do not care, but trust me; at least half of the people who sent or brought a gift for the party will expect a little note of thanks from you or your child.

Party etiquette is that you should send a birthday thank you card within 2 to 4 weeks after your event is over. One of the best ideas in sending a first birthday thank you card is to include a photo of your child from the party on your card. Many companies allow you to place a photo directly on the front of the thank you card which is a nice remembrance of this special event. One of the most popular photos to place on the card is one of your child eating his first cake. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and friends will love to see your little one covered in icing and discovering sugar for the first time!

One of the main reasons to get into the habit of sending out thank you cards early on is to teach your child that it is important to be grateful to others. When you take the time to send out a thank you card to your friends and family, it shows your child that you care about the feelings of others. It shows them that it is important to make others feel appreciated and loved. As your child gets older, he or she can actually hand write a personal note on the thank you card, which will be a big blessing for the person receiving the card.

Sure, life is busy and you're probably swamped like all of us are, but taking the time out to thank those who contributed to your birthday party is a life lesson that will be passed on to your children for years to come. Do not miss out on the opportunity to teach them this valuable lesson.

Source by Greg Froelich

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