After a few years of planning parties, you may start to run out of ideas for fun places for kids' birthdays. Many parents prefer to hold their children's parties in a public venue to save them the effort of planning activities, setting up, and cleaning up afterward. But everyone gets bored going to the same old place for everyone's parties! Try some new, fun places for kids' birthdays for a change of scenery and a great celebration.

* A Salon / Spa Experience

For little girls (and even some boys!) Who love to play dress-up, try a children's salon! Most towns have at least one hairdresser who specializes in small children's cuts, and some will also host birthday parties. The guests can have their hair done, get mini manicures or pedicures, or even try a little makeup. Your little princess and her friends are sure to enjoy a day at the salon.

* The Nature Center

Is there a nature center or conservation area in your city? If so, those can definitely be fun places for kids' birthdays! The party guests can learn about local flora and fauna, go on a nature walk, and wind it up with an outdoor picnic. Not only will they have a great time, but they'll also get to learn about nature and burn off plenty of energy in the great outdoors.

* Indoor Sports Centers

If you're hosting a group of kids who all like different activities, check out an indoor sports center. Many have facilities for soccer, basketball, swimming, miniature golf, and much more! Especially if your child's birthday is in the winter, the guests will love the opportunity to play some sports and burn off some energy without freezing. Plus, a little friendly competition is always fun, as well as a chance to practice good sportsmanship.

* A Day On The Farm

Especially in more rural areas, local farmers often host community events including children's parties. The children can pick berries in the summer and apples in the fall, visit the farm animals, find their way through a corn maze, and learn about where our food comes from. The farm may even provide lunch made of locally-grown ingredients! An afternoon at a farm is a fun and educational activity for kids and is a great option for birthday celebrations.

* Gymnastics Studios Are Fun Places For Kids' Birthdays!

For a group of especially energetic children, a junior gymnastics studio is a terrific venue! Certified instructors who specialize in teaching youngsters will lead the party guests through obstacle courses and other physical activities, such as the trampoline, balance beam, and rings. Whether they're experienced gymnasts or not, the children will have a fantastic time jumping, swinging, and turning cartwheels.

If you and your child are tired of the same old birthday parties, try out one of these ideas! Fun places for kids' birthdays are easier to find than you might think; you just need to know where to look!

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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