Stressing over how to plan your child’s birthday party?

Sure, you could rent pony rides or hire a bunch of guys to put a moon-bounce in your backyard. You could even turn your child’s special day into a multi-day extravaganza complete with a sleep over. But why put yourself through all of that trouble?

Now you can put all of those worries behind you. After you read this entire article, you’ll be able to plan a birthday party in your sleep.

This “3 Hour Birthday Party Plan” has been distilled from over 10 years of experience planning parties for families with children of all ages. Simply follow this plan and adapt it to your needs. When you do, I guarantee that everyone will be smiling before, during and after your child’s birthday party.

Greetings (30 minutes): Let’s face it: children’s parties rarely start on time. Punctuality can be a difficult concept to grasp even for grown-ups. That’s why you’ll plan 30 minutes of wiggle room for your guests to arrive. During the first 30 minutes of the party, you’ll be greeting guests. Have a table or room for parents to leave presents. As soon as the kids arrive, you can direct them to an activity that is active, engaging, and requires little in the way of explanation. That way, it doesn’t matter when the guests show up: the minute they walk in the door, they can join the party. Examples of this kind of activity include: playing with playdough, drawing pictures or simply having the kids play in a space filled with things like soft balls, legos, hoola-hoops, juggling scarves, and blocks.

Facilitate Party Games (30-45 minutes): As soon as all of the kids have arrived, you can transition to a more structured set of activities. Most likely, you’ll want to plan more than 1 game. How many games should you plan? And how much time should you spend on each one? A good rule of thumb is to take the child’s age and add two. In other words, if most of the children are 6 years old (6 + 2 = 8), then you’ll want to spend approximately 8-10 minutes per game. In order to fill up 30 minutes, you’ll need to plan 3 different age-specific games. Examples of fun party games include piñatas, pin the tail on the donkey, relay races, and musical chairs.

Arrange a Magic Show (1 Hour): By this time, you’ll want to sit-back, relax and enjoy the day with your child. The best way to do this is to arrange an appearance by a professional children’s magician. A professional magician will tailor the show to your child’s age, and can keep everyone (including the adults) engaged and entertained the entire time. Plan to have the magician perform in a space that is not blocking an exit or entrance. Otherwise people could be distracted by guests entering and leaving the room. Parents should be ready to sit with and supervise their own child. Please remember that the magician has not been hired to be a babysitter: he’s there to entertain. The perfect amount of time for a family magic show is approximately 35-45 minutes. For the remainder of the hour, the magician can make balloon animals or do face painting. When you arrange an appearance by a professional magician, you’ll be adding fun, laughter and amazing entertainment to your child’s party that everyone will go home talking about.

Serve Pizza and Cake (45 Minutes): Finally, transition everyone to a place where they can eat. Food items such as pizza, chicken fingers, and french fries are popular amongst children ages 3-8. If you are concerned about allergies, you can include a menu with the invitation. Another idea is to provide a space on the invitation where parents can write down any allergies their child may have. After the main meal, have everyone sing “Happy Birthday” and eat some delicious cake.

There you have it: a sure-fire birthday party plan for 3 hours of non-stop family fun, laughter and good times. Enjoy!

Source by Emily Marks

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