A 50th birthday party need not be a somber occasion. It is a major achievement turning 50. Life is to short, so a 50th birthday celebration should be fun and filled with laughter and lots of gag gifts. This all works, of course if your 50 year old has a sense of humor. Here are some of the funniest gag gift ideas ever for a 50th birthday party.

How about a shot glass that has the words written on it: “I may be 50 but I can still party like a 21 year old.”

There are lots of t-shirt ideas with clever and funny sayings on them like: ” I am now older than the dirt on my garden”, or “celebrating the 32 anniversary of my 18th birthday”, or “I’m not 50 I’m 49.95” or “I’m only 50 on the outside, but on the inside I’m still a rebellious teenager.”

Funny gag gifts for the 50 year old also include giving items like: stool softener, denture paste, hemorrhoid cream, a sore muscle gel, adult diapers, or a bag of prunes.

Funny gag buttons the 50 year old can wear have sayings like: “Dangerous at 50”, “I’m not old I’m classic” and “50 and aged to perfection”.

Tools of the trade for seniors are always funny gag gifts like giving walking canes or even a walker. There are some companies that make inflatable walkers and even an inflatable bed pan chair that is pretty funny.

There are companies that can be found online that will print up clever, funny sayings on rolls of toilet paper that will have everybody laughing.

There are also companies that sell pretend pills (they are actually candy) and the outside label reads: “hair growing tablets”, or” memory pills” or “Just one a day removes all wrinkles”.

There are gifts related to removing gray hair that can be fun. One on particular is a can of spray paint that advertises it is a “Rapid Regenerator of Hair-Just Spray on Daily”. It is actually black spray paint!

Probably the funniest gag gift for a 50th birthday party is the “Windup Racing Grannies”. These are little wind up plastic figures that look like someone’s grandmother with a walker. You wind them up and the race against each other with their walkers. They are hilarious.

Source by Mark S Myers

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