Today was a holiday so that means no school for the kids. Usually it’s a day of running around, breaking up arguments between an 11 and 12 year old, and making what seems to be an endless stream of snacks. It just worked out that my daughter was invited to a friend’s birthday party for most of the day. Having only my oldest at home, I was able to get a good bit of work done on my new website.

With little distraction from two kids fighting and asking what we were going to do next, I was able to power through my first knife review and publish it. What a great feeling of accomplishment that was for me. I wanted to keep going but I knew that I needed to spend time with my son and also needed to run a few errands, which involved picking up my daughter.

After getting her home I still had about an hour before the ritual of making dinner. I was on a roll and wanted to research my second knife for the review so I could potentially get it out in the same day. I knew what I could accomplish in that hour and as I was just getting my thoughts together to start writing, my daughter walked in and asked “Mama, will you play a game with me?”

My first reaction (in my head) was; No, I don’t want to play a game. I’m working on something important here, for me, and I want to finish it right now – for me. But as I looked up from my computer screen I realized that in a few short years she won’t care about playing a board game with me. She will be consumed with friends, sports and studies.

In the grand scheme of life what is more important; writing reviews for some really cool knives, having strangers read my thoughts on a particular item and then make a decision about what they want based on my opinion. Or is it more important to spend time doing exactly what my kid would love for me to do?

You see the great thing about my world is that I am at my kids beck and call. While most days that gets very old and some days I would like to just be me as a person first not as a mom first, but I do realize that they still look up to me. They still think I’m pretty cool and also they think that I know everything. Well, everything but math… they learned in the second grade that I couldn’t help them with that.

My point is, the things that seem really important to us as parents, just aren’t. Kids grow up fast. Take advantage of the times you can and the time you have. One day they will be on their own, only calling when they can’t figure out how to get a stain out of a shirt, or needing an old family recipe.

The everyday gets monotonous and stressful, I’ll be the first to admit that, but if you can just take a minute to see the bigger picture things will fall into perspective. Enjoy the small moments and remember that your world does in fact revolve around them.

Source by Jennifer Wood

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