Everyone has a birthday. Your birthday is the annual anniversary of the day you were born. It is a day to feel special, the center of attention. The Universe acknowledges you as the special, unique person that you are.

Western culture has evolved the custom of birthday parties as its way of acknowledging that this is a special time and that you are worthy of notice.

Friends, family, colleges come bearing gifts. While individual birthday celebrations can take many forms, the theme, logistics, guest list, etc., focus on you, the guest of honor.

The birthday party custom is a beautiful example of the astrological symbolism of the occasion.

The astrological event is called a solar return .

While we know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, from Earth, it appears that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Astronomers call the observer path of the Sun around the Earth the ecliptic .

Once a year, the Sun returns to the exact place on the ecliptic that it occupied at the moment you were born. That moment, called a solar return by astrologers, is your birthday in astrological terms.

The Sun is the central player in your birth chart just as it is in the solar system.

Think of the role the Sun plays in the solar system. Its gravity pulls in planets and other bodies who orbit around it. Its light and heat make it possible for life to exist on Earth.

Astrologically, the Sun represents the core of your personality and the place where you are always strong. It is the core of your personal solar system or birth chart.

When the transiting Sun returns to your birth position, it strengthens it. And just as the Sun is the center of the solar system, for a day you become the center of your personal solar system.

Transiting Sun returning to the birth position of your Sun is also the beginning of a new 365-day cycle. Like the beginning of any astrological cycle, it provides the opportunity for a fresh start.

Here is the custom of making a wish when you blow out your birthday candles.

Because it is a personal annual fresh start, many people will consult an astrologer to erect a solar return chart. That is an astrological chart calculated for the exact time, during the current year, that the Sun returns to its birth position.

By analyzing the relationship and placement of other planets, the astrologer can help you see the energies in play for the coming year and help you use them for your benefit.

Source by Ellen Zucker

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