People with 4th of July birthdays, or "firecracker babies" as they are sometimes called, can have a great time celebrating their birthdays. Not many people see the sky lit up with fireworks on their birthday, but firecracker babies do! Of course, people with July 4th birthdays sometimes do not enjoy sharing their special day with the nation.


Adults born on this day who would like to go out for a nice, simple birthday dinner had better plan an early evening or they will face a drive home packed with party-goers and increased police presence because of the increase in drunk-driving accidents on Independence Day.

Adults with 4th of July birthdays are usually a little more mature about sharing the spotlight, but it can be quite a headache – literally – to have to listen to drunken revelers and booming sounds when you'd rather have a quiet day to reckon with getting older.

Grown up firecracker babies would do well to give themselves permission to take a personal day apart from the Independence Day weekend, if they would like quiet celebration.

Those celebrating a later-in-life birthday may even be at such a place in their lives where they can plan a trip to a place where the 4th of July is just another day, and celebrate just their own birthday, at least once in their lives.

Of course, if what you want on your birthday is not a peaceful, quiet evening, but a day of cake and hot dogs and water balloons, then being a firecracker baby is awesome!

Once you left grade school, most of your friends probably stopped being allowed to have this sort of birthday party, but a firecracker baby can celebrate this way for life.


For very young children, sparklers and fireworks can be almost as frightening as that other birthday scourge (clowns), which can make a birthday quite unpleasant.

Older children born on July 4th sometimes feel their parties are overlooked because of all the Independence Day barbecues and ball games.

Kids over age 7 sometimes bristle at the term "firecracker baby" and get annoyed at seeing red, white and blue decor on a day when they want the themed Disney Princess or Star Wars party gear.

To make things a bit easier, parents might opt ​​to hold their child's birthday party a few weeks before or after Independence Day. This way, the family can celebrate the birth of our great nation and the birth of their dear child without neglecting either one. It's a great solution, particularly if the family can accept an invitation to an Independence Day party held by a friend or relative.

If the family is not facing the expense and trouble of hosting two parties, one for the child and one for the holiday, there will be less temptation to combine the two celebrations.

If it's not feasible to hold the child's party at another time, it's still important to consider his or her wishes when planning the party. Birthdays come just once a year, and kids need a special day to call their own. This is especially important if the birthday boy or girl has siblings who have birthdays on non-holidays. If a brother with an October 2 birthday or a sister with a March 30 birthday gets to pick their own theme and have a real party, then a child with a July 4th birthday should have the same treatment on his or her special day.

If your very own firecracker baby really does want to celebrate with hot dogs, hamburgers and sparklers, then by all means provide that. But if your child wants to serve pizza and play video games, or have a perfectly pink tea party with finger sandwiches and tiaras, do your best to make it happen.

It's even possible to incorporate sparklers (which are just awesome in any setting), fireworks and other Independence Day mainstays into many children's party themes.

For example, if you are able to hear or see fireworks from your backyard, you might arrange for your Star Wars-loving son to hold a glow-in-the-dark nerf gun battle while the fireworks are going on. The fireworks make for a very authentic Star Wars-type battle background.

A girl having a princess-themed party might like a pretend carriage ride to a fireworks show – fireworks do play a prominent role in the most recent Disney Princess movie, Tangled.


However you firecracker babies choose to celebrate your famous birthdays, enjoy yourselves. If you decide to incorporate the good ole 'red, white and blue, you can take pride in sharing your special day with our special country!

Source by Elizabeth Chastain

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