Is your child’s birthday round the corner and you need to think of party ideas that are fun, affordable and easy to organise and your’re not sure where to start. Fret not help is here and to get the ball rolling I have put together some great tips and fantastic ideas to get you started.

The theme we will focus on is a fun ‘Arts and Crafts’ birthday party. Arts and Crafts parties are very popular and are a fun way to celebrate a birthday and save the pennies at the same time. They can be as artistic as you want them to be, talk to your child about ideas and themes, search the internet and speak with other mums. Arts and Crafts party are a great party idea for both boys and girls and are suitable for most age groups. Add some fun energetic games and everyone is happy and if you can rope in some help from other adults (family, friends or other parents) even better.

First, organise a theme with your child, talk to them and ask them if they would like anything in particular – this is a good way of involving them in the organisation. Once a party theme has been decided, it is time to get on with organising the actual party.

Workout your budget and make a list of the items you will require for the party itself and the activities you are planning. You can make it more cost effective by including the things the children create as part of their party bags. Add a few small extra party bag fillers such as a funky pencil or a cute bookmark and you have a fun personalised party bag to hand out at the end.

Work out how long you want to spend on the arts and crafts activities and break these up with having some traditional party games too, such as pass the parcel and musical statues.

If there is lots of gluing, sticking, painting etc arrange for these activities to take place at the beginning of the party – giving them plenty of time to dry for taking home at the end.

If you are going to make something new and you want to get it right and be the expert on the day – it may be worth doing a practice run arts and crafts session with your child, saves the red face later!

Most of all get your creative juices flowing – you will probably surprise yourself and together with your little one, you will make it a day to remember.

Source by Naureen A

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