Parties are fantastic occasions for everyone to enjoy, but when is it appropriate to throw one? Here are 10 of the most common occasions that deserve a big celebration.

1. Birthdays – Perfect for gathering all your friends and family together to celebrate turning another year wiser.

2. Boy voyages – If friends are leaving to go travelling or back home after visiting, a party may be the best way to wish them well and show them that they’ll be missed.

3. Welcome homes – By the same token, when loved ones are coming back after a long time away, what better way to welcome them than with a big party?

4. Anniversaries – Special anniversaries, like silver and golden, deserve to be acknowledged in style, like with all your closest friends brought together.

5. Retirement – When someone calls time on their career, they should celebrate their years of hard work at a party with former colleagues and friends.

6. Work leaving do – When well-loved colleagues move onto other opportunities, leaving dos are a perfect for wishing them luck for the future.

7. Christenings – Heading to your local pub for nibbles and drinks is a popular party choice for after the Christening.

8. Engagements – When two people announce their plans to marry, those that care about them should join them for celebrations.

9. Christmas – Whether it’s the office Christmas party or a get-together for friends, this is the season for being merry!

10. New Years – And, once Christmas is out the way, there’s another great excuse for a party with New Year’s Eve.

If you’re planning on throwing a party soon, you’ll need to find a good party venue. London, Liverpool, Manchester and other UK cities have a host of great places to use for your parties. For instance, you may want a top London bar and restaurant for you and your friends to celebrate a birthday.

Source by Robert Berry-Smith

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