The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer has become such a hit that Twilight movies have been created. With each of these movies coming out they are creating more and more fans. The best thing for a fan is Twilight merchandise, which is anything having to do with the Twilight saga.

Here are the top seven Twilight merchandise gifts for the Twilight fan in your life:

1. The Twilight Saga Collection – This is a collection of all four books in the Twilight series. These are the hard back copies of each of the books. Each of the books comes in a box to keep them together, neat and clean! This is a collector's item

2. Twilight Scene It Deluxe Edition Game – This game joins the many different popular theme Scene It game. The Twilight Scene It game is a board game that includes a DVD. The DVD has movie clips and questions to find out what you know about the movie!

3. Edward Cullen Barbie Doll – Yes, Barbie has created an Edward Cullen Barbie doll. This doll has been created to look just like Edward in the Twilight movie. The Edward doll is even very pale just like a vampire would be. Another great addition to anyone's Twilight merchandise collection would be the Bella Swan Barbie Doll!

4. Twilight Replica Jewelry – One of the hottest pieces of Twilight jewelry is the jewelry. The best selling item is Rosalie's Necklace that she wears in the movie. This piece of jewelry has the Cullen Crest on it.

5. Twilight Action Figures – In addition to the Barbie dolls the Twilight action figures are perfect for a fan. The action figures are only 7-inches tall. They include Bella, Edward, Jacob and Alice. These toys can provide hours of fun.

6. Twilight Calendars – There are a few Twilight calendars out there right now. You can find 16-month calendars, poster calendars and wall calendars. Every day of the year you can see your favorite scenes from the first two movies!

7. Twilight Shirts – You can find these shirts for everyone in the family. They come in kid's sizes, men's sizes, women's sizes, including plus size and maternity shirts. You can also find shirts that are body suits for your baby!

Twilight fans want to be able to show how much they love the series. So if you need a gift for birthdays, Christmas and any other holidays make sure to get Twilight merchandise for the fan in your life!

Source by Isabelle Michaels

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