What birthday present should you get for your autistic child?

Toys that develop fine motor, gross motor and sensory skills:

What birthday present should you get for your autistic child? An ideal present that both you and your child would appreciate are therapy toys. The advantages of therapy toys are twofold. They are very effective in therapeutic ways AND they are toys that are really fun to play with!

It is common for children with autism to experience delays in fine motor skills. A child with delays in fine motor skills should receive therapy from a certified occupational therapist. However, a parent can also help with the child’s fine motor skill development by providing the child with appropriate toys at home. Toys such as clics, blocks, and puzzles are great for developing fine motor skills. If your child likes trains or animals, he/she will love to receive puzzles, blocks or other toys that are designed with these types of pictures.

Children with autism often have delays in gross motor skills. They tend to be clumsier and have difficulty running or pedaling a bike. You can provide your child with toys to play with at home that encourage his gross motor skill development. In a home setting your child can practice gross motor skills activities in an enjoyable way. Toys that encourage improvement in these areas include training balance bikes, soft balls and rockers.

Most children with autism have a sensory processing disorder. There are many toys that are effective in helping with this. Included are sand and water tables and trampolines. Sand and water tables are very effective for improving tactile development by allowing the water and sand to run through a child’s fingers. A mini trampoline with a handle is another excellent activity that is suitable for any child. However, for an autistic child, there are therapeutic benefits to be gained along with the fun. The jumping motion on the trampoline is very therapeutic in regulating the child’s sensory systems.

Through play a child can develop and advance therapeutically. It is important to provide your autistic child with opportunities for therapy toys and playful activities at home. This gives the child the opportunity to further expand upon his professional therapy while relaxing in the home environment.

Source by Lea Morgen

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