Girls might sometimes seem hard to please. The older they get, the more expensive their taste in clothes and they are not easily entertained. However below are some standard party ideas that will help you get started.

Princess: Most little girls like to feel like a princess. So, decorate your home into a castle and invite a group of girls over dressed up as princesses too. Let your child put on her best dress. You can even make her a crown with fake gemstones and diamonds. Make her feel like a queen for a day.

Character: Every girl has her favorite movie or cartoon character. Have her party based on her favorite character. Get her friends together and act out a skit or play based on those characters.

Hula: Throw a Hawaiian themed party. Play Hawaiian music and ask the girls to come to your party dressed in grass skirts as well. Get ready some leis to garland your guests when they arrive. You may want to serve traditional Hawaiian kiddy cocktails, such as Pina coladas. Try to get some Hawaiian recipes to make this Hawaiian theme more authentic. However you might still get ready some traditional kid’s food like pizza and ice cream in case not everyone enjoys Hawaiian cooking.

Pajama parties: This kind of parties usually is for overnighters. It allows the girls to enjoy themselves without the constraint of time. Girls get together to watch movies, do each other’s hair and play board games. Get ready plenty of chips, snack mixes, soda, ice cream, hot dogs and pizza.

American Idol Party: If you own a karaoke machine, you can have a singing contest. However talent need not be confined to just singing alone. It can include other art forms like dancing or even performing a skit. Select a winner in the different categories like visual or graphic arts category, singing and live band category and give them prizes.

Apart from the themes listed above, other party options include scavenger hunts, game racing contests or other sporting events. Another fun idea would be to find and play some music from a certain era, example like the 60s and have everybody dressed up in clothes from that time and teach the children to do the dances from era too.

It is always wise to plan for your party ahead of time. Send out the invites, order the food and make any necessary reservations if you are not holding your party at home. Whenever possible, get some help from family and friends or you may want to employ a professional party planner. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that everybody enjoys themselves and have fun.

Source by Kate Slinger

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