Personalized birthday newspaper gifts always make the occasion special as they are Original UK Newspapers (not copies) from a memorable date of your choice. A birthday is special for every person so gifts should reflect that special moment in their life.

Keep your cool whilst purchasing a gift. The market is arranged with birthday gifts – creating confusion when it comes to selection. Some of the best and unique birthday gifts are original news from the date of their birth. Check out some of the great Top 5 ideas we have compiled for you to consider when purchasing a newspaper as a birthday gift.

Top 5 Gift Newspaper Presentation Ideas

Make it truly unique newspaper for a birthday by personalizing it and presenting it in one of the following ways.

  1. Picture Frame – Present your Newspaper in a picture frame, especially to fit your newspaper. The frames are designed so that your newspaper can be taken out for reading, and put back in aftermath.
  2. Luxury Gift Box – A luxurious pale blue gift presentation box. 'A Day to Remember' is cleverly silver foil on the front cover.
  3. Wine & Spirit Gift Set – Choose from a selection of wines and spirits. Each gift is presented in a red silk lined presentation case.
  4. Premium Gift Box – A stunning dark green presentation box with a textured finish. Comes gold embossed with 'A Day to Remember' on the front cover.
  5. Deluxe Satin Lined Gift Box – The luxurious satin lined gift box holds the paper rolled and not folded. This will protect the paper, and provides a great presentation.

Top 5 Old Newspaper Titles

Do not forget, you can buy a newspaper from a massive range of titles, have a look below at some of the best picks.

  1. The Times – The Times was first published in 1785, starting life as the Daily Universal Register, before being renamed The Times in 1788.
  2. The Observer – The Observer is the oldest Sunday Newspaper, first published in 1791.
  3. The News of the World – Slightly more recently, the News of the World was launched in 1843 as a broadsheet.
  4. The Daily Mail – The Daily Sketch was published until its merger with the Daily Mail in 1971.
  5. The Daily Telegraph – The Morning Post was merged with the Daily Telegraph in 1937.

In summary birthday newspapers are a memorable gift and the recipient is always excited to learn from their birthday newspaper headlines and all the major news and events from their date of birth. All the newspapers are original and authentic.

Source by Sam K George

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