First birthdays are very important, not only to the baby, but also to the parents as well. They mark an important milestone for your baby that is why first birthday gifts are also important. But finding that special gift is difficult because this is the stage where your baby is too old for infant things and too young for toddlers. The best first birthday gifts are the ones that your child can grow with. There are a lot of traditional things to give your little one that are not so expensive but very helpful to your child’s development. They may not light up and produce sounds, but they are very educational and helps your child to develop the skills needed for growing up.

Push and pull toys are suitable for this stage. Toys like miniature lawn mowers, push carts and baby carriage are the best example. Your baby will definitely love this because these are the things that mom and dad use and your baby is at the stage where he or she loves to mimic what mom and dad does. There are also some wooden pull toys that are shaped like animals. These toys encourage walking for crawling babies and are so much fun to walk with for walking babies.

Blocks, ball and stacking toys can also be given as first birthday gifts. The blocks and stacking toys help develop your child’s hand and eye coordination while balls help develop your child’s motor skills. These are the kind of toys that grow with your child. The ball, for example, can be picked up by your baby in the beginning. Then he can roll the ball around as he progresses and finally, when he learns to throw and catch, he can play catch with you! Usually, one-year-olds love to empty a container and fill it up again. Find the toys that encourage your child’s natural interest and surely your kid will love it.

Bath toys are also great for one-year-olds. They can make bath time more enjoyable for your little ones. A set of colorful cups can be used in pouring and splashing water in the tub while animal-shaped terry bath mitts and waterproof books can make bath time more exciting.

Good books for story-telling can be very good gifts to give because they are educational and enhances your child’s imagination.

Some parents opt to buy clothes for their baby since most of the guests at the party will definitely give toys for the celebrant.

It is not necessary for parents to be the first ones to give the gifts. It is very wise to wait after all the gifts are opened and see what else is missing that is essential to your child’s needs than to give the same gift that other guests also gave your baby. Some parents choose to give heirloom gifts as their first birthday gift. After all, they are very special too.

Source by Jim F Roberts

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