Birthday baskets or unique gifts of some other sort are fun to give and fun to get. But where do you find them? You can get birthday baskets at your nearest gift shop, online or offline. Birthday baskets that are unique gifts are something else, though. Most of them look much the same. They can be marvelous gifts, but for the person hunting unique gifts, they may fail to satisfy.

Birthday baskets or unique gifts in some other category involve thought and effort. The giver must think outside the box. Givers who are inside the box find it difficult to see how good a new idea might be. Such givers seldom take time to turn a mediocre gift idea into a unique gift idea.

Great birthday baskets with unique gifts can not be thrown together in a hurry. These are not "rush" gifts. They take time.

Birthday Baskets that Are Unique Gifts

You can only create birthday baskets that are unique gifts by investing thought and effort. They will only be unique gifts if you assemble them yourself, of course. Otherwise, you are purchasing one of many that are termed unique gifts.

Begin by thinking about the basket itself. You may be tempted to say that a basket is a basket, but is it? A unique gift birthday basket must begin with a basket that is out of the ordinary. Consider the colorful possibilities – with colorful names:

1. African tribal baskets

2. baleen baskets

3. buttocks egg baskets

4. contemporary baskets

5. folk art baskets

6. Indian baskets

7. Nantucket baskets

8. New Zealand flax baskets

9. Shaker ash baskets

Once you have chosen the perfect basket, you need an assortment of items to place in the basket. Again, you need to think outside the "basket" box. It's simple to fill your basket with the usual wine, cheese, and candy. That is a mediocre gift idea, however, for those who want a unique gift. How can we turn that mediocre idea into a great, unique gift?

Shop Outside the Box

Shop the Internet. Suppose the birthday celebrant lives in the US, but always wanted to visit New Zealand. Shop the Internet for a flax basket from New Zealand. Visit a website such as the New Zealand Nature Company to find items to put in your basket. Male or female, you can stuff your basket with unique gifts from New Zealand:

1. NZ paua jewelry for her, greenstone jewelry for him

2. NZ possum fur hats and scarves for everyone

3. NZ rainforest soaps, shampoos, and body scrubs

4. NZ hot chili sauce

5. NZ mussel chowder

When you are done, you will have a truly unique gift basket for that birthday.

Unique Gifts to Fill Baskets

Birthday baskets of unique gifts can be put together as samples of what the world has to offer on a theme. Simply choose a theme that you know the birthday celebrant likes, and see what the global community has.

1. Suppose your theme is tea. You could think inside the box and order a tea connoisseur kit. Or you could turn that mediocre gift idea into a unique gift idea. Order an Asian bamboo basket that will look good with tea-related items. Then shop the world to fill it. Order tea cups and green tea from Japan, a selection of herbal teas from India and Egypt, and Oolong tea from China. From Great Britain, order traditional teas and a traditional English tea towel or two to tuck around your items. Your birthday basket will be a unique gift.

2. Let's try the same with a fishing theme. Start your unique gift with a fishing creel for the basket. Then shop the worldwide web. Order an "outback" fishing hat from Australia, 2 Japanese handcrafted wooden lures, a bug-proof shirt from the USA, exotic nuts for snacking, and an Egyptian nut dip to make them spicy. You have a unique gift for someone who loves fishing.

Helpful Tip

Remember that your gift will only be unique if you assemble it yourself. When everything is in your basket, cover it with cellophane wrap and attach a ribbon.

Disclaimer: The author has no connection to any merchant or idea presented in this article. She receives no compensation for any product ordered by readers. The information is for educational purposes only.

Source by Anna Hart

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