Do you suffer from birthday memory loss? Are you constantly forgetting your mom’s birthday, your bosses, and even your significant other? This is where a free birthday finder can come in very handy. It can also be extremely useful in situations in which you might like to make an impression by surprising a co-worker or friend on their birthday.

Nothing pleases people more than realizing that others have taken the time out of their busy schedule to acknowledge and celebrate their birthday! It shows that you are observant and caring, and it can really have a great impact on someone’s opinion of you. This can be particularly useful when you might be looking for a promotion, so knowing your boss’s birthday is a must.

Free birthday finders are easily available all over the internet. An easy first stop is to check out their MySpace or Facebook profile. Usually their birthday is located somewhere on these pages. But not everyone has a profile, in which case, you will have to go to Google and search for “free birthday finders”. It is important to include the “free” part, because although some finders charge a small fee, why pay it if you do not have to? There are plenty of free birthday finders out there.

Once you find one that suits your fancy, type in the person’s full name and any other details you might have on hand, like their location. This will effectively narrow down your search. You will then be presented with names and birth dates, one of which will hopefully belong to the person you are looking for.

Source by Nicholas Dean

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