November can be a great time for birthdays. The chilly weather draws your friends and family near to celebrate. Create a cozy party for your birthday with rich colors and a hearty menu and fun seasonal cocktails and beverages


Fall colors can make your birthday invitations shine. Rich browns, reds and oranges can add a lot of color and depth to your birthday invitations. Leaves, cornucopias, gourds and pumpkins can make beautiful fall accents, too.

If you are planning your birthday as a totally separate occasion from the Thanksgiving holiday, you might consider choosing another color scheme for your invitations. Steer clear of any fall colors if you’re hoping to differentiate the two parties.

If your plan is to combine your birthday celebration with Thanksgiving, make sure you give ample notice with your party invitations. While your family is gathering for Thanksgiving, this can be a great chance to celebrate your birthday also.

Party ideas

Since the November weather will probably keep you and your guest inside, make sure you have lots of great indoor space. Billiards, board games and movie nights can be great activities to celebrate your November birthday.

While you probably won’t make it an entirely outdoor event, gathering your guests around a bonfire – if weather permits – might be fun. Let your guests know about your outdoor plans in your birthday invitation so they can bundle up to enjoy themselves outside. Have some marshmallows or hot dogs on hand to roast on the fire for a festive feel. A warm November bon fire can be a great accent for your birthday party.

Other fun ideas can include themes that don’t have anything at all to do with the time of year. Create a fun Western-style party for a unique fall party. A summer theme can also help snap your guests out of the winter doldrums. Center your menu on that theme and you’ll have a great celebration that is distinct from the Thanksgiving holiday.


You should steer clear of traditional Thanksgiving favorites as many of your guests will be getting their fill at Thanksgiving dinner. Instead opt for some more casual favorites. Pick mini-burgers or ‘sliders’ for a fun menu item. Pizza can also be an easy choice that most guests will love.

If you’re sticking to a fall theme, a ‘harvest’ party theme can be perfect. Autumn is harvest time, so bringing your guests together for a feast to celebrate your birthday fits right in with your November birthday. Stock your menu with hearty favorites, like stew or opt for a pot luck to sample your guests favorite recipes. Decorate your table with leaves and gourds for an added harvest feel.

Fall beverages can be varied and fun. Apple cider and cranberry juices and cocktails are always great choices. Rich and fruity sangria with apple and orange sliced can also be a fun addition to your fall party menu. Choose warm beverages for fire-side sips and chilled juices can be perfect with almost any menu.

Make your November birthday a warm and festive occasion with fun themes and a great menu. Whether you choose to stand apart from the Thanksgiving holiday or join the two celebrations, make your November birthday a celebration to remember.

Source by Amy Carter

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