Often, save the date cards are closely associated with weddings, but they can be extremely useful prior to planning a large birthday celebration, particularly a milestone birthday where attendance is important.

Importance of Sending Wedding Save the Date Cards

Weddings are an important day in anyone’s life, and friends and family are usually invited to witness the event. Even your closest friends and family have busy lives and could face a very awkward dilemma if your wedding happens to coincide with a pre-planned trip.

To avoid this scheduling conflict, save the date cards should usually be mailed 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding and at least one year in advance of a destination wedding. They not only act as a physical reminder and give advance notice of your wedding, but provide logistics details for those who would need to travel to attend your wedding. People are busy, so respect their schedules up front with save the date cards.

Wedding save the date cards needn’t list every detail that will appear on the actual invitation, such as the address of the ceremony and reception. You only need to list a general location at this point so that anyone who will be traveling can plan to be in that area on that day. You could provide a few travel tips, such as local airport information and local hotels, to make travel arrangements easier.

When to Send Birthday Save the Date Cards

Although save the date cards aren’t always associated with birthdays, anytime you plan a celebration, you want to ensure that friends and family will attend. This is particularly relevant to parties with a potentially large guest list or for milestone birthdays. After all, a big event with a small turnout might not sit well with the guest of honor. Of course, if you are planning an intimate dinner party, for example, where the absence of 1 or 2 guests would be noticed, definitely consider sending save the date cards so you can hopefully avoid a gap in the guest list.

The best way to prepare guests for a birthday bash is to send save the date cards. You won’t need to send these months in advance as for weddings, but you should plan to have them in the mail at least two to three months in advance of the party. If you’re inviting out of town relatives or friends, it would be nice to include travel information or even offer to house them for the party (depending on your circumstances).

Save the Date Ideas

You can send photo cards with a picture of the happy couple or the guest of honor, depending on the occasion. Consider transforming the save the date card into a magnet for guests to put on their refrigerator to remember and enjoy. If you are budget-conscious, consider fill-in or printable save the date cards. As long as you write legibly or choose a clear font, your guests will still appreciate the notice.

You can be as elaborate and creative as you desire when choosing save the date cards because they’re not only functional, but also help entice guests to attend a fun and memorable event.

Source by Grace W Chen

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